Taurus : April 21-May 20


Today, April 21st, begins the second month of Spring, The time for Taurus. Taurus people, like the second month of spring, are grounded, earthy, and practical by nature. Taurus needs to settle into their nest like spring birds. It is very important for them to build comfort and beauty!


Taurus - you are a Builder and Lover of Beauty. Your gift is to bring beauty into form. Emerald is your birthstone, Venus your planet, Earth your element. You move steadily forward with appreciation for everything you see.

Amidst the hectic tempo of your daily life, you need to make time for pleasure and beauty. Adorn your home with flowers, curl up in a comfortable chair, and purchase a gorgeous piece of artwork for your home. Taurus is the natural gourmet of the Zodiac. Fine dining will always boost your spirits.

Take time to enjoy your earthy nature. Unwind, smell the roses, and when you feel stuck, remember to find the simple pleasure in life.


Overview 2016


This year the planet Jupiter is in your fifth house, you are very optimistic and happy. The planet Pluto is in harmony with your financing and will allow you to move forward without being worry. This is great news for you!

After 3 years of the planet Saturn in your sign you’re getting free this year! It wasn’t an easy 3 years, but the good news is that it’s behind you. You’ve been feeling it strongly from March 2016 onward. 

This is your year our dearest Taurus. You’ll enjoy new beginnings in all the areas in your life, and you needed it.

Money and Career:

This is a very creative year for you, you’ll start new projects, you’ve see breakthroughs between January to March of this year. The only advice I can offer you, be careful with gambling your money between the end of March to end of June 2016.

Little schedule to remember: you may have come into some money in December 2015 and watch out for June 2016 because you’ll receive money from unexpected resources. In mid-April 2016 you may win money from some investment you made. In February 2016, you’ll get increase in your salary.

Many opportunities are at your door, you’ll need to check each and every one carefully. Some are too good to be true, some are very solid. Many opportunities are at your door, you’ll need to check each and every one carefully. Some are too good to be true.

From April 28 you’ll slow down for a little while to check all of your work and opportunities, by the end of May 2016 you’ll know what to do. If you have a challenging project, you’ll drop it off. June 2016 brings to you all the GOOD NEWS financially.

The planet Jupiter enters your house of work on September 10, 2016, and that means: You are on the right track! You’ll feel much more happier and comfortable.



For the ones that are in a relationship, it will boost the love, understanding and communication. This year can bring expanding of family, babies, moving to new homes, and very positive energy around the home environment.

For those who are not in a relationship, this is the year to find the right one for you. May and June are a great month for finding the person you’re looking for. The only challenge that you’ll have this year is to make sure you’re reading all the fine print in any offer you’ll get.

You are extremely creative, but don’t let the overly optimistic mood to make wrong decisions ruin your life. By the end of 2016, you’ll feel the relief of all the dynamic you’ve went through.

The best is yet to come for you our dearest Taurus. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the year!

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The SEAH® Team