SEAH® Designs line of luxury jewelry was created out of Rachel Levy’s passion for astronomy and astrology, but we are also inspired by other great women in business. When we learned that Astrologer Bonnie Prebula was inducted into the National Association of Professional Women’s VIP Women of the Year Circle we reached out to her to learn more.


SEAH®’s interview with Astrologer Bonnie Prebula

First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and congratulations on your induction. It’s always inspiring to speak with a successful businesswoman. Let’s get started.

What originally drew you to astrology?

An Astrologer moved into the neighborhood. She had fascinating things to share, and gave lessons.

How much of an influence does astrology have on how you run your businesses or make business decisions?

Use of Astrology cycles produces a much better success rate in all phases of business.

Was there a pivotal point that made you decide to move from on, sell your pharmacies and focus on astrology?

I was an International Astrologer at the same time as owning & operating the pharmacies. I was approached by the CVS pharmacy chain to buy my pharmacies & given a very nice offer for them.

What is it about astrology that intrigues you the most?

It explains characteristics of individuals, predicts how they tend to act & interact. And, the correct use of Astrology cycles certainly helps to achieve success in every phase & every business.

Here at SEAH® we’re particularly interested in the connection between astrology and astronomy that once connected in ancient time. Do you feel that something was lost with the disconnect of these two disciplines?

We cannot or would not have Astrology without the study of Astronomy, which continues to this day, showing the placements & cycles of the luminaries (Sun & Moon) and the planets.

As we speak, Mars is currently in retrograde. Any advice for our readers?

With a Retrograde Mars, the Mars action is directed inward. This often exhibits as anger in individuals if they are not meeting their needs or expectations. We can monitor this within ourselves, & just observe if we see it in the action of others. Their anger is their own & not really directed at us. It is a time to 'keep our cool' especially if those around us are losing theirs.

Also, it is a cautionary time if situations are present where spontaneous fires or explosions may occur.

What’s next for you?

I have opened a Honolulu retail shop, Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge. I have a gallery of my own 'made in Hawaii' art, jewelry, & miscellaneous. And, I have approximately 20 individuals affiliated with the shop. These are Psychic Readers, Healers & Energy workers who are on call to teach classes and give consultations.