Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Sunrise May 21 begins the time of Gemini, the last month of the Spring. Gemini - you are the thinker of the zodiac. Mercury is your planet, pearl is your birthstone, the twins your symbol, and air your element.

The Twins represent an awareness of the duality in nature: day and night, good and evil, sun and moon. This duality is an intrigue, the source of inner contemplation, which inspires your sense of curiosity. As an air sign, you are logical; your mind is a great tool for manifestation. Imparting pearls of wisdom, your strengths are communication and the ability to ask questions.

Your mind needs to be engaged in all you do; reading books (one page at a time), exercising, working. Your sense of humor can make you a standup comedian, and you need to laugh! Honoring your Gemini nature will allow you to experience the Gift of Time. Take time to enjoy ideas, explore your mind, and remember to embrace your sense of humor.

Personality: Gemini people are quick minded, communicative, and extremely expressive. With springtime fully established, Gemini is infused with curiosity, quick-wittedness, and humor. As the seasons shift from spring to summer Gemini explores the myriad wonders of nature, seeking words to convey the diversity of ideas.
Overview 2016

This is a great year for you! You are very motivated, and you will see nice results. You may move to a new home, it started in November 2015 and it will continue until mid-July 2016. You will change your image in the world, and you will need to be open minded for those changes.

All issues that are family related will be at the top of your priorities: relationship, partnership, moving to new home, all of those will be part of you this year.

Money and Career:

You are looking for the magic way to achieve all your dreams. This includes moving to a new home, earning money to feel more comfortable, and finding some nice opportunities. Well, part of you experienced these movements in November 2015, and the other part will experience this from February 2016 until mid-July 2016.

You may see money coming to you through an inheritance, and also some unexpected sources. The best advice I can give you: the second part of this year is more solid to make changes in your career and your investments.

For those Gemini’s with an established and solid career you can expect a raise in your position and salary. This will develop organically, you don’t need to search, or look for them, they will come to you as opportunities. Enjoy the journey!


To Gemini’s that are in a relationship: You’re in seventh heaven. Love is in the air!

To Gemini’s that are not in a relationship: You’ll find the one you are looking for on solid ground.

Good times for you are the periods from January to March 2016 , and the end of May to mid-June 2016.

There is one more important thing I need to add. Don’t take things for granted. Show your appreciation to your partners, to your people at home and to your peers at work. The reason for me saying this, the planet Saturn, is in your relationship home until the end of 2017. This is the Teaching planet. He is looking into the relationship and draws the lines where it need to be drawn. This is the inspector, and you will know when not to push things and when to accept.

Overall, you’ll have a GREAT YEAR ahead of you, especially from June 2016 onward.

Enjoy the reading. Happy Birthday!

Sending you lots of love and blessings.

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The SEAH® Team.