This coming year, three of our main planets, which are slower moving planets that 

create changes over longer periods of time, are shifting positions in the sky. I’m
referring to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. This planetary movement will affect all the
zodiac signs in 2018. 

The planets are moving slowly… this is why their impact on our lives will be more
significant and lasting. Some planets are moving fast, we feel them, but the impact is
not as heavy as the long term planetary transit.

Generally speaking, we experience the transition of the main planets when the
astrological signs are changing. This coming year all the signs in the zodiac will feel the
changes… some more, some less… but it doesn’t leave out a single sign. 

Let’s talk about the three planets I’ve mentioned above. 

JUPITER - This is a GREAT planet to have. I call it the lucky planet. Jupiter is the fifth
planet from the Sun, and is the largest planet in the solar system. This planet is the
open door for new opportunities. Each year it rests in one particular sign for the entire
year. This planet helps us to think different, to experience opportunities, aids with
finances, and awakes optimism and hope. BUT! …and this is a big but, we have to
allow Jupiter to help us. We need to open those doors which Jupiter gives us. The door
will not open if we are not using the handle to open it. For example - when you have
visitors, they are behind your door, and use the door bell to let you know they are
there… however, you have to go to the door, and open it for them, this is up to you…
and this is exactly how Jupiter works.


SATURN - This is an entirely different planet. Saturn is the second largest planet in the
solar system, and takes approximately two to two and a half years to transit one sign,
and approximately twenty seven to twenty eight years to travel through all twelve signs.
While Jupiter is optimistic, Saturn is pessimistic. Where Jupiter expands, Saturn
constricts. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our
commitments. This planet goes to the core of events, and attempts to exercise the
potential of every situation. Saturn doesn’t deal with emotions, only with facts.
Sometimes it is hard for us to face the facts, and we need compassion… Saturn is not
the planet to make our life sugar coated. It will force us to see the truth, whether we like
it or not… but this is the truth. It teaches us to see the reality the way it is.

URANUS - this is the planet of change and intrigue. Uranus isn’t the farthest planet from
the sun, yet it manages to be the coldest. It changes our way of thinking, it changes our
approach to issues, it is very forward-thinking, innovative and is in a wild card cycle.
You can expect the unexpected with Uranus. It is a very rebellious planet that balks at
tradition, and celebrates originality and individuality. Uranus is associated with
technology, modernization, discovery, and all that is progressive. This planet was very
strong in 1960s era counterculture, and the "hippie" movement. 

Uranus helps us make fast changes... even when we don’t know what these changes
are…yet, Uranus will ensure to disclose the changes during 2018. Uranus is a fast
paced cycle that wants to accomplish as much as it can, in a short amount of time, with
the most changes.  Just so you know, the internet was created under the influence of

What awaits you in 2018?


Our Zodiac signs are divided by three categories: Active,
Passive and Steady. This coming year, without a doubt will affect all the fixed signs:
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Jupiter is moving into Scorpio in 2018. It will be strong and creative during this year to
you my dear Scorpios, but the other signs: Taurus, Leo & Aquarius will feel it too, each on their own level. Jupiter will bring a change about your perception of yourselves and others.


While Jupiter will be moving into Scorpio, Uranus is shifting into Taurus, and activates
Taurus in a different way.  Saturn is moving into Capricorn, so things will start to shift

The last two and a half years when Uranus was in Sagittarius, Pieces, Gemini and Virgo
(which are part of the second zodiac group), did not have an easy life. These past years
have been very challenging. A relief will be felt in 2018, so smile!

This brief overview of the planetary positions and their affects on all the twelve signs will
make much more sense to you in 2018! Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!