Capricorns, like their symbol the Steady Mountain Goat, navigate through life, undaunted by the difficult pathway to the summit. They are confidant, resilient, patient, and filled with endurance, eager to meet the challenges of ascent.


Capricorns understand that slow steady steps in time lead to long lasting rewards. Garnet - is your birthstone Saturn - is your planet Earth - is your element. You are loyal and steady by nature. With loyalty also comes a sense of responsibility; the weight of others can be often end up on your shoulders. Master of details, you are gifted with practicality so business and financing comes easy to you.


In 2016 Jupiter is in your ninth house in harmony with Pluto, which gives you many opportunities from February to July. This coming year your ambition is sky rocking!! You will be VERY SUCCESSFUL. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen. In matters of Love, Capricorns in general are not "romantic" people. They are more rational, things like love and emotions are never guiding you. You are always looking for stability and responsibilities in your life. Be easier on yourself when it comes to relationships. Try using flexibility, this will always help.


Give yourself time, honor yourself and know that your accomplishments will flourish. Wishing you all the best and enjoy this coming year,