January 20 - February 18

As midwinter arrives on January 20th the sun enters Aquarius . Inspired by the increase of light, Aquarius people look forward and think outside the box . Like their symbol, the Water Bearer that pours knowledge and wisdom earthward, Aquarius seeks to nurture humanity.


Aquarius - you are the Futurist of the Zodiac. Innately intuitive , original and inventive , you seek freedom through creative problem solving and your unique approach to life is inborn Amethyst is your birthstone , Uranus your planet and Air your element . Uranus governs enlightenment and intuitive power. Those sudden flashes of understanding that unify your diverse ideas; trust and listen to them. Through understanding the universal principals of Aquarius you can best align with time and honor your pioneering spirit. Philosophical discussions with friends uplift and inspire your inquisitive mind. Take time to develop and listen to your intuitive gifts. Look to the future knowing solutions to challenges are yours to discover .


2016 Overview:
The past year wasn't an easy one for you. You were unsure of your next steps and there was lots of frustration and uncertainty around you. This is finally OVER !! This year brings to you lots of opportunities now that your mind is clear. It will be much easier for you to process those opportunities. You'll be more optimistic and excited about what the future brings to you. Uranus- your planet increase syour talents so you can move forward with your plans. You might even come up with a new invention and it will be very successful worldwide.
The planet Jupiter moves to Libra and will open many doors for you.

This is your year! You'll enjoy the freedom that you love so much. And may find a new job that will allow you to get your freedom. You will be able to navigate your life towards a job that meet your needs .


The universe is giving you opportunities to improve your resources! You may find a new job that lets you feel free and be promoted. Your money situation will improve significantly.


By July 2016 you'll start to see financial improvements and by November 2016 - you'll be there FINANCIALLY ! You'll see improvements in the months: March and July of 2016. Since you're very charismatic and your mind has all those ideas , my personal recommendation to you is, please seek guidance from financial advisors in areas of investments and money related issues. You have this fantasy that pulls you away from reality at times and so the best advice I can give you is, don't make any investment without consulting a professional .
As I've mentioned earlier - this is going to be a GREAT YEAR FOR YOU FINANCIALLY ! Just make sure you're doing things right.


Relationship: Aquarius people in general , don't think that love needs to be with heavy commitments . This is not something that Aquarian s put at the top of their desire, BUT! and it's a big "but", Family is VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR IN YOUR LIFE. To the single Aquarians you may find your loved one this year and you may make a serious step towards commitment. The best month this year for meeting the right one for you are: June, July and August! 

Sending you lots of love and blessings.