February 19 - March 20

February 19th, the time of Pisces begins. In Pisces the sun completes the seasonal round, the days grow longer, the winds of winter carry a hint of spring and the smell of life on its breath.


Like their symbol the Fish, Pisces people swim into their internal realms of imagination while awaiting earth's seasonal rebirth.


Pisces, you are the dreamer of the zodiac, Aquamarine is your birthstone, Neptune is your planet and Water is your Element. Aquamarine represents the water of life that nurtured your Spirit.


You are gifted with versatile skills from art to the business world. Your key to success is Inspiration; so long as your heart is behind your actions, your hand and mind can do anything.

You are very sensitive, but your sensitivity is a gift! Weave your sensitivity to all you do, poetry, music, photography and the visual arts nurture and uplift your spirit.


As a water sign, you need the water around you like swimming, taking long showers and this will give you the balance to your emotions. Take time to explore your imagination, trust your unique sensibility and DO NOT FORGET, your sensitivity is a gift that bring comfort to many.


Overview 2016

The past two years weren’t easy for you, but this coming year you will see a nice and productive change in all areas of your life. You will focus on work and career, work hard, but you will see the results.

Saturn is in your house of career, this planet will load you with ambition to success. You need to show more leadership and confidant and to see the fruits of your hard work. August and September are big month for you, but please be careful with money management. You will see more money this year than before and need to make smart investments.

You may get more projects to work on, but you're not afraid of hard work and will find creative solution to all of those projects. Some of you may have transformation into the larger spirit and will enjoy this journey.


Money and Career:

This is your year! By far better than the past years.

This is the time when you have greater opportunities to make an impression on the world as individual.

Mars, the instigator is out of the bounds this year and that means you are thinking out of the box.

Pisces, more than most of the signs, prefers working alone, but your good instinct will show you the way .

This is the year you are filled with optimism about your professional life and it will take you to the road of success.



This is your year of LOVE!

Neptune influences on our sun and Jupiter is in the seventh house. This is an amazing combination for love.

Couples in relationship will get them stronger and people that didn’t find their love yet, this is the year for you.


Love is in the air for you Pisces and this is gonna be a year to remember.


Sending you lots of love and blessings.