Happy Birthday our Dearest Aries!

Aries: March 21 - April 20

This year 2017, your sign Astronomically started yesterday. Yesterday March 20th, was the Spring Equinox - when the day and night are even to the degree and this is officially the FIRST day of Spring and the First day of Aries.

Aries people, like the surge of Spring, rush forth into time with energy, zeal and confidence. As the plants blossom and awaken, Aries is infused with power and strength . Aries- you are the natural Leader of the Zodiac. Diamond is your birthstone.
Mars is your planet.
Fire is your element.
Aries, you need adventures in your life: hiking, explore, driving an unfamiliar roads, always looking for something NEW! You love to compete you need an outlet to get out your fiery energy!

You need to control your surrenders…flexibility is NOT something you will use. Most of the Aries people are very Athletic.. and you LOVE changes!

Because you are the FIRST sign in Astrology, you are the beginner. You have in your nature something that it is very childish. You are in the category of people that NEVER want to grow up..to stay child in your mind and in your nature..no wonder why you are the first sign in Astrology. Like a child that wants to rule his pedants, to have all the toys, to have a change on a daily basis this is you - Aries.

2017 overview

The beginning of this year wasn’t easy. You struggled to find your place. The planets Mars - Saturn are challenging, and it was on your sign from Mid January 2017.

You may have obligation to family member and you started to realized that it is not only your way or the highway. This is the time you MUST be compromised … which you don’t related to this so much.

The beginning of April is positive time of transformation thanks to Mars-Pluto trine, at which point you can really do something satisfying inner work yourself image.

In almost complete contrast to the mental labor and emotional exertion you put at the beginning of the year ..getting what you want comes easily at the end of this year.

You will have during this year some nice opportunities Especially on the romantic side.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you will face some challenges, but you’ll experience some opportunities.

Career and work:

In this field you will have to work hard ! on the other end, you will be able to manage. The requirement at work is high , but you are not afraid to work hard and to achieve your goals. That will make you gaining high position and more money. It will not come easy, but you are willing to invest in order to move forward.

You dealt with difficulties in the past 2 years because Pluto and Uranus were in your sign for a long time. This year you will be more free to achieve what you want to..This year is a transition time from those hard 2 years to the future.

You have to remember, the planet Venus is retargeted in your sign in March and mid April 2017. This period of time is not comfortable but by mid April Venus goes back.

You may find yourself this year getting into partnership on a project which will help you financially. You may get money from family resources..but on Fall 2017 you will have to make a big decision that involved investing your money.. for example taking a mortgage on a property that will make you less comfortable financially.

Please, calculate your money and your financial situation more carefully. But You will survive!


Jupiter in in your house of relationship until October 2017. It makes relationship nice and good. You may feel sometimes stuck and rebellious, need your freedom and changes, but you will paste yourself. This is related to Aries that are in a relationship. Aries that are not in relationship, will find the one that may bring you to serious and concrete relationship that may end in marriage. You will need to make the decision this year..if you want to commit or you don’t.. It is all up to you.

Overall, this year is a decision maker for you Aries in all fields. You need to take time to process, you need to be flexible, and you need to listen to other people - not only to yourself.

My personal suggestion to you: Be mindful of your influence on others and remember that not everyone can keep up with you.

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Sending you lots of love and blessings,