Happy Birthday to the warmest sign of the planet – Cancer!

Cancer: June 21 - July 21

The Summer Solstice begins on June 21st. This is both the beginning of the time of Cancer, and the arrival of Summer. This is the time when daylight is greatest, especially this year when we are experiencing a full moon on the same day as the solstice. This is very rare, and the last time it happened was 70 years ago, and it coincided with the Summer of Love!

Cancer is ruled by the moon and this episode is really once in a lifetime. Cancer people possess an emotional power that changes from time to time. Like summertime they are warm, respective and governed by their desire to nurture others. Cancer, your home is your heaven, you may travel far and wide but must always have a nest to return to. As a water sign your feelings guide you; your strengths are warmth, compassion and emotional depth.

Cancer - you are the Caretaker of the Zodiac
Ruby is your birthstone
Crab is your symbol
Water is your element
Moon is your planet

Cooking meals for family and friends always warms your heart. With such a powerful urge to care for others you can sometimes forget to attend to yourself. Take time out to explore your feelings. Water is your healing element, so take time to swim, take plenty of warm shower, and let your tension melt away. Set intentions to embrace your potential, respect your emotions, and remember to nurture yourself as well as others.

Don’t forget your camera when you’re traveling. You love to look at your past and cherish your memories through your pictures. Birthday wishes to our lovely Cancers. Enjoy the second half of 2016!



This year you are very ambitious to make the best out of everything in both your personal life and in your career.

You are very talented in writing and expression, in painting and music. Take advantage of those areas in your life, since it is very strong this year in your sign. Whether it be a hobby, or work, it is there, and you should honor it.

You are more ready than ever to make a change in your life. It can be by moving to another house, another location, or another place of work. This is strongly indicated from March 2016 to September 2016 . As a result, your circle of friends will expand and change.

Trust yourself. You have the urge and the confidence to do it. You’ll find windows of opportunities and doors open to move with your plans.

Money and Career:

The planet Mars which represents your career is in the sign of Sagittarius, and that will give you a big boost in the professional level. Expect to see money improvement in the following months: February, April , August and September of 2016.

This year you must trust your intuition. It is very strong and accurate. Usually, you’re very conservative with the steps you’re making in this field, but this year you need to dare and to listen to your intuitions. You may be getting more responsibilities and it might put you under pressure… but not to worry, you’ll be able to manage.

By July 17, 2016 you will receive a closure to the changes you’re making. You will see the final results by September 2016. Don’t fear the unknown, you can do it! Trust yourself, and trust your intuition!

You will be exposed to so many opportunities, that you should take a ride on some of them.

Love and Relationships:

For our Cancers in a relationship: the planet Pluto is in your relationship house, this is not an easy planet to have, but because of all the changes you are going through this year, the impact of Pluto will not have a front stage.

In general, Cancers don’t like change in relationships, and they will work hard and strong to keep them alive. So, you may have some challenges, like many couples on this planet, but you will survive. You’re great at problem solving, and you’re willing to be super creative to keep your relationship on the right track. Nothing to be worried about. On the contrary, when Venus starts entering your sign in mid-June, you may find that you may expand your family with a new addition.

You are protected by the planet Venus that comes to your sign on June 17, 2016 and it will bring to your life new excitement and fresh air.
To those Cancers out there who are not in a relationship: This is Your Year! You’ll find the one that you want to build your life with.

Sending you lots of love and blessings.

The SEAH® Team