Cancer: JUNE 21 - JULY 21

The Summer Solstice on June 21st commences the time of Cancer, and marks the arrival of summer. This is the longest day of 2017 for anyone living north of the equator, and its a  perfect time to spend outdoors and celebrate nature, light and sun!  This is the time when daylight is greatest, and all is nurtured by a season of warmth. Cancers possess emotional power governed by the moon, and are continuously changing their feelings and sentiments. Much like summertime, you are warm, receptive and ruled by your desire to nurture.  Cancer - you are the Caretaker of the Zodiac.

Ruby is your birthstone.
Crab is your symbol.
Moon is your planet.
Water is your element.


Cancer, your home is your heaven! You may travel far and wide, but must always have a nest to return to.  As a water sign, your feelings guide you.  Your strengths are warmth, compassion, and emotional depth.  Cooking for family and friends will always warm your heart.  With a powerful urge to care for others, you tend to forget about yourself.  Take time to sort out and explore your feelings.  Water is your healing element, so swimming or taking warm baths will melt tensions away.  Set intentions to embrace your potential.  Take time to relax in the moonlight, respect your emotions and remember to nurture yourself as well as others.  Don’t forget to take your camera when you’re traveling… as you always like to reflect on memories from your past.


Overview 2017
Your FIRST priority this year is your FAMILY! You may find yourself moving to a new house, or renovating your existing home to improve your life style.  Also, this year will present you with ample reasons and opportunities for celebrations with friends and family, pregnancies, and all other beautiful occasions to embrace your loved ones.


Venus - the planet of love and harmony visits your house of relationship in June (NOW), so take advantage!  Jupiter, the planet of luck enters your house of love in October 2017.  This is why this year is a GOOD ONE for LOVE, FAMILY, RELATIONSHIPS and extending your family.


Cancers who are in the arts and creative fields, may find that what started as a hobby possibly will turn into a profession. In April, August and December, you’ll see big improvement in your financial situation.


Money and Career

In the last 2 years you felt as though you were stuck, due to Saturn's influence on your house of work. Saturn is finally moving from your house of work, and you will gradually and steadily feel relief.  In March, April and May, Mars is entering your house of work and career – this will bring you more challenges and hard work, but the lessons and rewards will be priceless! You will have the power to recognize what is important, and know what isn’t. You’ll be able to eliminate the things that are draining, stressful and are not supporting you.


The planet Mercury - which is the planet of communication with the Sun in the month of June (NOW), will open doors for expansion in your work, travel and financial stability.  July - September will be the BEST time for you, dear Cancers!  Those born between July 15 - 21st, will be influenced by the planet Uranus. This means, you may take an extreme passage in your work and you’ll start to change your habits, and be more daring to make changes happen. Good advice for our Cancers: positive people around you that mean well and have good intentions will present opportunities… do not hesitate, TAKE THEM! They will IMPROVE your financial situation dramatically. Keep your eyes and ears open.



This year you’ll be able to open a new page in your life.  Let go of relationships from the past that didn’t work out… forget about them because this year will be the right time to start a new, meaningful relationship.  Even if you find yourself in a long distance relationship, do not worry or stress. Keep and maintain this connection as it may lead to a solid and positive place in your life. Good relationships will stay GOOD.  For the single Cancer, October 2017 is a great time to meet your love.


2017 is a good year for those born on and between June 21- July 21st.  Yes, you do and you will have challenges in life, but after two years that weren’t so great... this year is by far much BETTER.  As I’ve mentioned to you earlier, FAMILY & CHILDREN are on your TOP priorities, which will lead to a new home, or improvement in your existing home.


You are very CREATIVE this year, and you’ll enjoy your creativity - including having children.




Sending you love and blessings, and wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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