This is a big year for you, dear Gemini, so get ready for lots of epic transformation!  Gemini season begins on May 21, a day that welcomes in the heat and electricity of summer.  Gemini is accordingly excellent at steering change and transformation.  These curious twins are remarkable pioneers, and are experts at using their energy and charm to spearhead innovative and creative projects.  Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini is always ready to try something new, and 2018 is the perfect year to do so.


Pearl, Alexandrite, Agate, and Emerald - are your birthstones.

Mercury is your planet.

Air is your element.


The Perfect Gift

Ruled by Mercury, these air signs are known for their sociable charm, fun-loving lifestyle, and their affinity for style.  For Her:  a stunning Ladies Necklace with gold-tone sun design, a diamond sun-ray hand, and a rotating bezel with astrological signs on a stainless and gold-tone chain makes a perfect gift.  A conversation piece she will treasure and adore. For Him:  we suggest a black Leather Bracelet in stainless steel.  Made in France, this trendy yet classy addition to his collection will quickly become a favorite.



Expect 2018 to bring you an uplift of energy, and some changes of direction in your social life and finances.  You could step into a year of new projects, new relationships, and new opportunities.  Go with your gut; your instincts will be heightened in 2018.  Learn to listen to your inner self.  Lots of positive developments are expected both in personal and professional life.  You might feel more energetic during this period, and your expressing power will help you in many ways.  Try to keep a balance between your personal and professional life, even if circumstances take you out of your routine, or your comfort zone.  Overall, this year has many prospects for you, just utilize them!  Enjoy the ups, and be positive during the downs.



As long as you keep moving, you will get more done this year, which will make you stand out to your superiors or your clients.  You need to put your best skills forward, and hard work will pay off.  This year you may get what you desire dear Gemini, but the key lies in hard work, and sincere effort. 



Don’t be afraid to try new things with your significant other.  Attempt a new approach to solving problems, take on a new hobby, or embark on a fun getaway to a new destination.  Some serious talking is needed to fix marital relationships, or family/friends related issues for Gemini in 2018.  Avoid harsh words, and give equal respect to the feelings and sentiments of those who surround you.  If you are currently single, stay active and go out more.  Stay true to your feelings, only than you are likely to meet new people who you have a lot in common with you. 


Happy Birthday dear Gemini! Have fun, laughter and happiness!

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