Gemini: MAY 21 - JUNE 20

This is your time Gemini - The last month of Spring. Gemini people are quick-minded, communicative and extremely expressive. Gemini is infused with curiosity, quick- wittiness, and humor. As the seasons shift from Spring to Summer, Gemini explores the myriad wonders of nature seeking words to convey the diversity of ideas.
Gemini - you are the Thinker of the Zodiac.
Mercury is your planet.
Pearl is your birthstone.
The Twins is your symbol.
Air is your Element. 
The Twins represent an awareness of duality in nature - Day & Night, Good & Evil. This duality is an intrigue and the source of inner contemplation, which inspire your sense of curiosity.  As an Air sign, you are logical: your mind is a GREAT tool for manifestation. Imparting pearls (your birthstone) of wisdom, your strength is communication and the ability to ask questions.  Your mind has to be engaged in all you do; reading books, magazines, encyclopedia  (one page at a time). Gemini LOVE stand up comedy shows ....you need to laugh!!!  Take time to enjoy ideas, explore your mind, and remember to embrace your sense of humor.
Overview 2017
This year you went through some changes. The influence of the planet Saturn in Sagittarius has impacted you. It made your home atmosphere very complicated. To be honest, most of your problems are at home. You feel this in all parts of your body.  On the other hand, the planet Jupiter is in your house of fertility, this can be translated to real body fertility, or in the form of creation, art, enjoyment etc. You will find yourself traveling more this year than before. Between March 2017 - June 2017 you may not feel your best...you're more sensitive, your emotions are stronger and it is effecting your physical energy.  From July onward, you will get back on your feet, physically, mentally and emotionally.  By the end of this year, by December 2017 - you’ll be free and energetic. Keep in mind the uplift can begin in July, but there are always unexpected challenges. You'll have "green light" in December 2017 :)
Money and Career
Last year you had some opportunities to move forward, this year is more about the money you’ll earn. Your dedication to work will be fruitful. You are creative this year, thanks to Jupiter. Take advantage of it! You’ll be fine! By July-August you’ll see your finances improving. You like to have a concretely established place, a sense of comfort and certainty that each month you're getting paid…this is the risk of being open minded to opportunities and giving up your place of security. I think for now, you should stay where you are, because December 2017 is BIG for you!
This year you may fall in love, you may have new addition to your family, and you’ll enjoy relationships that are solid. On the other end, relationships that are not good or not working well, will come to an end …that should be enforceable by the end of July 2017.  A very good month to establish relationships is September 2017. The single Gemini that don’t want to commit, you’ll have MANY opportunities to celebrate and party.
***Because Mercury is your planet, I will indicate the dates for you when Mercury is retrograded -
April 9th - May 3rd 2017;
August 13th - September 5th 2017;
December 3rd - December 23rd 2017;
On these dates, try not to make any commitments, take it easy, and avoid making any big decisions.  Overall, this is an interesting year our dearest Gemini. Enjoy it and don’t forget to laugh.  You know how to do it better than all other signs!

Sending you love and blessings, and wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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