Happy Birthday Dearest Leo!

Leo: July 22 - August 21

Mid-summer arrives on July 22nd and the Sun enters Leo. The Sun is the strongest, and reigns supreme in the time of Leo. The lion is Leo’s symbol and like this creature of strength, Leo people rule their kingdom with a fierce sense of courage, pride and optimism. Leo embodies the fire of the sun, shines creatively and loves passionately.

Summertime’s peak inspires Leo’s personal magnetism and dignity. In blazes of confidence, Leo people are dynamic, social and royal.

Leo - you are the Creators of the Zodiac
Peridot - is your birthstone
The Lion is your symbol
Fire is your element
The Sun is your planet

Your regal nature gives you great dignity, charm, pride, and an excellent leadership ability. Similar to the Sun seated at the center of our solar system, Leos like to be center of attention.

Leo people LOVE to be surrounded by friends and family. However, alone time is also truly important.

Set intentions to embrace your potential, find time to shine, dance and play. Recognize yourself every day, for you personify the greatness of the Lion and the power of the Sun.

Keep shining and smiling! You have the ability to resolve problems in a very creative way! Honor this gift.

Overview 2016:

This is a good year for the Leos.
The planet Jupiter enters your sign and brings with him some nice opportunities for you.
From February to May 2016, you had to be careful with your spending, but from June onward everything started to become more stable.

This year the planet Saturn challenged Leos, and Leos who have children were effected the most. You’ll find yourself changing the way you look at life and beginning to take a different approach.

You’ll find yourself more responsible and more flexible with certain things.
You’ll find yourself thinking more about life, your inner balance, and yourself because of those challenges, but it will get you to a better and peaceful place.

Many Leos started this year creatively in art and hobbies as an outlet for their frustrations.

Money and Career:

There will be an opportunity for promotion at you existing work, but you may find opportunities to make a change in your career that allows you to move towards different directions.

Remember, you have the planet Jupiter in your house of career, and this is a blessing. But, because there are other planets that affect your chart in different houses like Saturn and Neptune, this kind of mixture will impact the movement of good Jupiter to shower you with all the gifts that this planet brings.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the confusion and frustration will shift of as you enter your birthday and last until the end of 2016.

In mid-September, you’ll start to see and feel the results.

Leos in general are big spenders! They need to have money to spend! You have great taste, and you like to shop for the best! You love shopping and you are very generous. As soon as you feel more comfortable financially, you’ll start to spend and enjoy yourself.

From September onward, this is a very solid time for you financially! Enjoy it!

Love and Relationships:

This is a year that our married Leos will find the right formula to keep your marriage. It wasn’t an easy two years for the married people, but you made it with the help of the planets around you.

From June 2016 onward, you will see the results to the problems you have been dealing with.

For the single Leo: You’ll find a solid love, and the best month for it is September. Some of you Leos have already found the love that they were looking for.

Don’t spend time on relationships that are taking energy from you. You can find true love with your good sense and ability. You don’t need to compromise for the sake of love. Love will come to you, and you deserve it!

Once your head is clear of all challenges, your vision about a partner will appear from a solid place. You may meet your loved one from a different country, this is another possibility. My biggest tip for you single Leos: You are already blessed with beauty, power, leadership and creativity, and you will magnetize many people to you that would love to be with you. Take advantage, but make sure it is a good one.

This year Leo women will be very fertile, you may find yourself with an unexpected blessing on the way!

Now, you’re officially getting into the better part of this year. Enjoy it! As our special birthday gift to you receive 25% select Leo jewelry. 

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Sending you lots of love and blessings.

The SEAH® Team