{Sweet Libra, sorry for the delay with your reading.  We were impacted by hurricane Irma, and unfortunately our electronic devices were down. We will give you a bonus this time, and do an overview for 2018 as well. You have a very interesting reading, it was worth the wait!}


The Autumnal Equinox, September 21/22 brings forth the time of Libra.  With the arrival of Fall, light and darkness reach a harmonious balance.  Holding the Scale of Justice, Libra is emotional during this time – the time of equal day and night, while seeking to find balance, integrity and fairness for all.


Opal - is your birthstone

Venus - is you planet 

Air - is your element.


Venus bestows upon you grace, elegance and a cooperative and peaceful approach to life.  Relationships are VERY important to you.  You will do what it takes to create and sustain a peaceful and steady environment.  Set intentions to embrace your potential.  Take time to honor the relationship to YOURSELF in equal measure to your relationship with others.  



Whatever you give this romantic and practical sign, go for functionality, beauty and romance.  When buying jewelry for female Libra's, choose something that is elegant and sophisticated instead of chunky and pretentious.  I suggest the graceful Planets Collection Venus Dangle Earrings.  A Libra man is no stranger to the button down shirt, and how to fit his neckline. The well maintained, tasteful appearance of the male Libra, will be complimented by the chic and upscale Stainless Steel Cufflinks.  This man knows how to  be well dressed, while not appearing overdressed.

Overview 2017

Jupiter the great, gifted, lucky planet visited in your sign for the whole year of 2017.  You felt its influence, and you saw improvement in all areas of your life.   2017 is your best year by far from your previous year …and you know it.  Your lifestyle, your business, your work, and your relationships IMPROVED in comparison to 2016.


Libra, your financial situation will really get a jumpstart from October 2017 (just now) throughout 2018.  GOOD for you Libra’s.  I will soon get into 2018, because this will be a very profound year in this area.  The major area of hardship in 2017 that wasn’t easy for you was especially so in regard to relationships …and that was when the planet Venus retrograded around April, May June 2017.  Other than that, 2017 was/is overall a good year for you.


Overview 2018 

In the last couple of years you have been trying to make changes in your life.  This year you will be able to make them!  I’m not saying that 2018 won’t have any challenges, but overall you will find your way in life.


You are very hesitant people in general; it is very hard for you to make concrete decisions…my personal suggestion to you dear Libra - JUST DO IT!  There is no right or wrong in making decisions, even if something sometimes is not in your favor – I don’t want you to hesitate so much, because at the same time you may lose opportunities ...and you’ll regret it.   It is good to check, research and investigate in certain areas of your life, but it is not good to be indecisive.  I’m telling you this, because I want you to take advantage of the planet arrangements at this time :)


2018 will be a year of combination.  I’ve mentioned earlier that there is a mix of GOOD things and challenges as well.  The planet Saturn in the sign of Capricorn will affect you as well, it is not a friendly planet, and it will stay in Capricorn w/ Libra’s effect for 2 years.   But don’t worry, because you do have other friendly planets that are protecting you on your side.  Generally speaking, Saturn’s affect will be in family needs, especially adults, parents, helping, moving …etc.  This is not something you can’t do.


The project you started in 2017 will get a boost in 2018, and you will show the world your talent, persistence and your hard work.   All this will be recognized and rewarded.  You shouldn’t worry about money this year, it will come from your hard work, bonuses, inheritance or via other means.  You are safe financially.



This is for Libra’s that are in a relationship.  I must tell you from the start, you will be busy with older people in your family, and this is time consuming.  However, you will be able to navigate your time and responsibilities.  Those Libras who are single, and are not in relationships, will be surprised, and will meet someone between January 2018 and mid February 2018!  This has a high potential to lead to a serious relationship, you may even need to move location because of this. 


Overall my dearest Libra’s, you are in a GREAT YEAR!!!   I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   GOOD LUCK ON ALL YOUR NEW ADVENTURES, AND ENJOY WHAT IS LEFT OF 2017, AND THE YEAR TO COME!


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