As the zodiac’s seventh sign, Libra personality traits include a strong sense of fairness, partnership, diplomacy, and a need for harmony. While the first six signs of the zodiac focus on the individual, the last six focus on the individual’s contact with others, with nature, and the world around them. We can call this “the sign of Partnership” with a capital ‘P’ because a Libra does not want to be alone!  Libras have strong personalities, but function best as a dynamic duo. Most Libras tend to be extremely skeptical by nature, choosing to analyze things objectively, and come to their own conclusions rather than rely on gossip and rumors.  Libras are very charming, but part of their charm is in their sensitivity and understanding of others. Libras dislike cruelty, offensiveness and vulgarity, as they are naturally gentle and loving people.


Opal - is your birthstone.

Venus is your planet.

Air is your element. 


The Perfect Gift

Because Venus, the goddess of love, rules Libras, they appreciate beauty in anything, whether it is a person, art, jewelry, home décor, or music. For the lady Libra, SEAH’s Lace Collection would be the perfect indulgence.  For the male Libra, we suggest SEAH’s Astrology Necklace, which he is guaranteed to love!



2018 is a good year for you, dear Libra!  Your confidence and a sense of self-worth is on the rise, and shining bright.  Success at the work place may bring about a new career path, a raise or promotion, an extra income from investments, or a relocation. Home and family could be weighty topics in 2018, and may bring a few growing pains, though. Mid-year, emotional and family issues could push you over the edge and make you physically vulnerable.  Care for your psychological state as much as your physical one in order to feel truly healthy and in sync with the world around you.  Try to adhere to a healthier diet, and go for a physical.  Do more, and talk less – and you will overcome any obstacle that might stand in your way. 



Work and finances could blossom for you in 2018.  Your desire for security and comfort is hearty now, and you’ll pursue these things with more confidence and verve. You feel that you deserve more, and you do.  This year, do not hesitate to ask for favors, pay-raises or transfers, and shifts. Ask, and it shall be given unto you!



Letting go off toxic relationships with certain acquaintances, friends, or co-workers will pave the way to happiness and inner peace. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, take concrete steps to positively develop and nurture your love and bond this year.  If you are single, someone you might have ignored or overlooked before may be very appealing to you this year.  You're attracted to security, and could meet a stable partner in 2018.


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