Happy Birthday Dearest Libra!

Libra: September 22- October 22

The Autumnal Equinox of September 22, 2016 bring forth the time for Libra. With the arrival of Fall, light and darkness reach a harmonious balance. Libra embodies this time of equal day and night while seeking to find balance, integrity and fairness for all. Libras are skilled in natural diplomacy. The exceptional creativity you bring to relationships enables you to honor each person’s point of view and to provide creative problem-solving.

Libra - you are the Mediator of the Zodiac.
Opal is your birthstone
Venus is your planet
Air is your Element.

Venus bestows upon your grace, elegance and a cooperative and peaceful approach to life.

Relationships are paramount to Libras and social activities always brighten their spirit. You are very artistic and love music, museums, theater and traveling. You often allow your partners and friendships to define who you are. Take time to honor your relationship to yourself equal measure to your relations with others. Make a room in your life to please yourself.

Overview 2016:

This year was better than last year, although you are experiencing uncertainty with a few things in your life. You like to help others and are drawn to volunteer work. You want to express yourself through your actions. This year your inner-being is stronger than ever, and you must find an outlet to express yourself.

You are on a mission, but have no fear, you will be able to combine it with your work.

Money and Career:

You will be able to keep the level of your life through work and career. You will be more practical with your steps and movement at work this year. You will think more before you decide, but you're always thinking before any step, change or opportunity that come across.

You are very realistic about your future and you’ll be able to be open to increase your income from May 2016 onward. October 2016 until the end of the year will be a great month to improve your resources, July was successful.

Love and Relationships:

You had some challenges from the beginning of 2016 until June. But, you know how to navigate your relationships and get things back to normal. Remember, you are very balanced people and amazing at problem solving.

Your partner is going through some changes in life, but it is something that you can deal with.

To those single Libras out there: February, March and September are great months to meet your partners. Also, August and November 10 through December 20 are great month for you to meet very interesting people. Overall, this year wasn’t revolutionary, you had your inner being guiding you most of the year and you listen to your instincts.
My recommendation for the remainder of 2016 is to be persistent, consistent and aiming to your goals. DO NOT GIVE UP!

Wishing you happy birthday and sending you lots of love and blessings. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, sending you lots of love and blessing. As our special birthday gift to you receive 25% off select Libra jewelry.