October 23rd, marks the second month of autumn, and the zodiac time of Scorpio.  Daylight begins to diminish rapidly, while night sky prevails.  We are getting into shorter days and longer nights, which is reminiscent of the Scorpio personality.  The earth begins its yearly sleep.


During this time of increased darkness, the stars become our light. Scorpios are great mysteries, and are inspired by the seasonal transformation around them.  The darkness that surrounds the Scorpio, symbolizes the depth that this eighth astrological Zodiac sign carries within.


Scorpio - you are the detective of the Zodiac. Unrevealing mysteries is your forte, and passion.  As natural physiologists, with an inborn gift of insight, you can see beyond the surface, and perceive the essence of human nature. Though you can read others well, your own air of mystery and secrecy is not always easy for others to understand. 


Topaz or Citrine - are your birth stones.

Pluto is your Planet.

Water is your Element.


Guided by Pluto, you are connected to nature’s transformative power. In general, you are VERY STRONG people with lots of power and passion. 


Scorpios NEED challenges! Satisfy this need with activities which stimulate your intellect. Every day you need to do something that allows your mind and thoughts to be productive.  Take time to ponder, reflect and honor your emotional depths.  Remember that you are mysterious, curious, and competitive, and make a conscious effort to reach out to those around you.


In general, you are very loyal to people …until you experience untruthfulness from them…then you will cut all cords and ties, and move forward.  You are VERY sensitive, but you know how to conceal your sensitivity within you, so people will not see it and take advantage.


You know how to hold things within you that nobody knows, you’ll never show any weakness, BUT - your sensitivity is extremely high and there is NO WAY others can read you. You don’t like to expose yourself to others; rather you like to know and to feel others.  I find that lots of Scorpios believe in superstitious karma.


On October 10, 2017Jupiter the planet of luck and gifts, the biggest planet in our solar system, entered Scorpio!! THIS IS GREATEST GIFT OF ALL! 


Scorpio is actually the last sign that Jupiter visits before it returns to its ruling constellation of Sagittarius. The last time Jupiter visited Scorpio was back in 2005 - 2006. It doesn’t mean that the same events will repeat; it is about the growth and spirituality you gained in 2005-2006.


Scorpios are generally very spiritual individuals.  As Jupiter moves through Scorpio, it highlights the Scorpio energy in whatever state it exists.  This will have an impact on most of the Zodiac signs, and will help accelerate the awakening process.  Jupiter will stay in Scorpio from October 10, 2017 - November 8th, 2018, so take advantage of this time, my dear Scorpios.  This is your year Scorpio, and I don’t want you to miss the opportunities coming your way.


The Perfect Gift

You're enigmatic, strong, and fiery – you are a Scorpio, and it is all about you this season.  When trying to find a gift for a Scorpio lady, make sure it's from the heart.  I would pick the elegant 3 Wrap Seasons Bracelet which features six stunning emblems representing the zodiac signs for Fall/Winter (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces), and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.  While the Scorpio man is an intriguing, mysterious creature, he is a romantic at heart, and will truly appreciate the thought behind the kind gesture of giving.  Make it personal, and choose a gift that shows off his scorpion nature.  The black leather bracelet in Stainless Steel with a Scorpio sign would be just right.


Overview for 2017 & 2018

2017 wasn’t an easy year for Scorpios... you had a major re-evaluation of your life, and lots of questions about the future – as a matter of fact the past 2 years were not easy for you. Saturn visited your sign, and created many unknown issues in your financial arena, in your relationships, and challenges within yourselves. 

Everything will change now, since Jupiter entered Scorpio, and will stay in this fixed water sign, inviting us all to live life bigger and better.



During 2017, you had many hesitations about your life, your career, your relationships... but now when you birthday is being celebrated, your life will have a positive turn in every direction.  Even relationships that weren’t great during 2017, will acquire a more serious meaning, and may change or impact your life.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, Jupiter in 2018 is GREAT… but don’t get too complacent and idle.  This planetary composition will present new doors to you, but you need to make sure those doors OPEN!   You can’t sit on the back burner and wait for miracles to happen... you need to work with this dynamic in order to make things happen.  You’ll become more optimistic (which is not one of your qualities)… and you’ll see things change for the better.


You truly deserve all the pleasant opportunities, and positive vibes of 2018, especially because the last 2 years were rather difficult.


Happy Birthday dear Scorpios! Have fun, laughter and happiness!


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~Rachel Levy, and the SEAH® TEAM