Happy Birthday Dearest Scorpions!

Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

This is the transit from Libra to Scorpio.

This year the Sun is moving on October 23 from Libra to Scorpio.

Usually the Sun moves on the 23 or 24 of October, This year the Sun moves on the 23 of October to Scorpio, It means that people that were born on October 23 are considered to be Scorpio.

Scorpio is very different from Libra. Libra is an Air sign that are very flexible and don’t mind to have changes in life.

Scorpio is Water sign, very SOLID, not flexible, very sensitive and emotional BUT doesn’t show their sensitivities nor their emotions.

So, to those that were born on the 23 & 24 of October, you may have the kindness of the Libra and you may look flexible and open minded, BUT, you can do it up to a certain point !! you can be very stubborn, very suspicious and can use your flexibility only if needed.

October 23rd begins the second month of Autumn, the time of Scorpio. Daylight begins to diminish rapidly while the night sky prevails . As sap descends into the roots of trees, earth’s power pulled within, the earth begins its yearly sleep.

In this time of increased darkness, stars become our light. Under the autumn sky, Scorpio ponders life’s great mysteries and are inspired by the seasonal transformation around them. The Scorpion, at home with darkness, symbolizes great reflective depths.

Scorpio - you are the detective of the Zodiac, unrevealing mysteries your forted passion. As natural psychologists, with a born gift of insight, you see beyond the surface and perceive the essence of human nature .Though you see others well, your air of mystery is not always easy for others to understand.
Topaz or Citrine is your birthstone.
Pluto is your Planet (Guided by Pluto, you are connected to nature’s transformative powers).
Water is your Element.

Through understanding the universal principals of Scorpio, you can best empower your time. Scorpio needs challenges. Satisfy this with activities that stimulate your intellect, such as reading. Taking the time to gaze at the glistening night sky does wonders for your penetrating mind* Take time to ponder, reflect and honor your emotional depth. Keep in mind that you are mysterious and make a conscious effort to reach out to those around you. Remember your inborn abilities and gifts - don’t forget to embrace them!

Overview 2016:

Overall 2016 (Since the year is almost over, I want to give you a brief overview and take you a bit through 2017). In general, 2016 was a good year for the Scorpio. You accomplished in several areas in your personal and in your career life. February and the beginning of March 2016 were difficult months for you, but mid March to April when the moon was in your sign things were much better.

This almost passing year of 2016 was full of fire, thats why most of the year your energy level was very high, but you enjoy this tempo and moved very well with these energies. Most of you needed to change your life style to a more healthier and you have benefited from this.

To the future, 2017:

Lets get into 2017 since it is around the corner!
As a strong sign - Scorpio you are not one to give up easily and you know how to deal with challenges. You will experience some this coming year, but you will prevail.


From health point of view, you’ll feel low biorhythm vs 2016, but towards the summer of 2017 you’ll gain your strength back. This coming year will bring you new purposes and goals that you will enjoy, take advantage of and move with them in the right direction. 2017 is also favorable for fitness and physical activities.

Money and Career:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, opportunities are coming to you this year in many areas of your life. You’ll find yourself more optimistic, you’ll look at the opportunities from a different perspective and that will help you to achieve many goals in your life in areas of career and financing.
You will get your recognition and you may get into the public eye in some way.
You may find yourself traveling more than before for business agendas and you’ll be able to open the doors for some International opportunities.

Love and Relationships:

In your personal life, things are status quo.. you have questions about your relationship, you feel you are under a cloud at many times, but you will know how to navigate the negative into positive, which this is the success of all relationships.

It is not what happened to me? It is not why it happened to me? It is about how we remove those issues in the best way we know. This is really the key, and you have a strong ability for problem solving.


Keep in mind, there may be some challenges in your personal life, but you’ll manage with your creativity! On the business and financial arena, you are at your BEST! Enjoy!

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Sending you lots of love and blessings,