Taurus: APRIL 21 - MAY 20

This is the second sign in the Zodiac and the second month of Spring. This is the time for Taurus.

Taurus people, are grounded, earthy, and practical by nature.

Taurus needs to settle into their nest, build comfort and beauty. Amidst Spring’s creation, Taurus appreciates nature’s splendor.

Taurus - you are the Builder and Lover of Beauty. With the Will of the Bull and grace of Venus, you have he gift to bring beauty into form.

Emerald is your birthstone.
Venus is your planet.
Earth is your element.

Guided by Venus, you delight in all life creates. Strong willed, with the Bull as your friend, you move steadily forward with appreciation for everything you see.

Amid the hectic tempo of daily life, you need to make time for pleasure and beauty. Adorn your home with flowers, curl up in a comfortable chair, purchase gorgeous piece of artwork for your home. 

Taurus is the natural gourmet of the Zodiac. Fine dining will always boost their spirit.

Take time to enjoy your earthy nature. Unwind, smell the flowers, and when you feel stuck, remember to find the simple pleasure in life.

Overall 2017

Last year, 2016, was a very challenging year for you Taurus. This year started for you in a slow motion… things looks like they are stuck and not moving according to what you want, especially on the career aspect. You feel you are working hard and not getting the results you are wishing for.  That’s going to change in the second half of this year...towards Fall 2017.

The problem you’re having by being “stuck” affects your relationship with your partner in life, with the people you are working with. This is a teaching and learning time for you, to use your sensitivity and all the gifts you were born with and make this time easier on the people you are surrounded with.

Don’t take the anger of them, don’t let your love one distance. It is very important to let this time go. You can sit on the fence and just wait. I promise you, things will change for the better, starting end of May beginning of June 2017 throughout this year!

There is a saying, if you don’t do anything, can’t make mistakes.   This should be your motto for these couple of months. 

Also, you have to be aware of people around you that are NOT honest and want to take advantage of your current “stuck” situation. Bad people can do bad things. BE CAREFUL!

Another point you should be aware of, is your eating …you are in a planet position where is is very easy to gain weight. Make sure to exercise.

Now we are going to the GOOD part: Overall, the combination of your planets this year are in harmony starting July 2017. Until then, you'll have some ups and downs, you’ll feel your energy is down, but that's okay! The second half of this year will compensate you for the beginning of this year.

The PEAK time for you will be on FALL 2017. All your planets are in an AMAZING castellation and very solid!! You will experience LUCK in all fields of your life, in your relationship, at work, on any project you're working on,  you start to bloom and enjoy life again.

Your health is GREAT! your career is GREAT! your love life is GREAT! and you will travel for vacation.

You just need to be patient and enjoy the last 6 month of this year.

The single Taurus may find this year the love they were looking for a long time. 

Career and work:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you will have to deal with some challenges especially from January - July 2017. It is doable for you. You are hard worker and very persistent. You may find a window of opportunities to start new venture…you may not see the return of your investment (not only money, also time) right away..but it will come to you.

MONEY: PLEASE! think before you spend! Don’t look for adventures, keep your money management in good shape. You are not in a position to take risk.

To nutshell everything: the most important thing is your health with is great this year! All the rest are things you can manage and get better and better as soon as you are getting closer to July 2017.

Wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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