Happy Birthday Our Sweet Virgos

Virgo: August 23 - September 21

August 23 begins the time of Virgo, the last month of the summer. As the seasons shift, summer to autumn, Virgo carefully tends to the details. Virgos have remarkable analytical abilities! Your eye for detail and diligent work, can at times cause you to be overcritical as you strive towards perfection. Born with harvesting skills, you are practical, focused and productive.

Virgo - you are the Organizer of the Zodiac.
Sapphire - is your birthstone
Mercury - is your planet
Earth- is your element.

A powerful mantra for you is: “Analyze rather than criticize”
Mercury influences your birth chart and gifts you with practical expression and intellectual dexterity.

As an earth sign, you have strong attainment to your body; nourishment and movement are essential. You love pottery, crafts, designing environments and indulging in projects that satisfy your inherent productive urges. Set intentions to embrace your potential.

Remember, the small aspects of life are but pieces of a larger whole, find time to honor and enjoy the simple everyday moments in life.

Overview 2016:

2016 is the year that you’re focused on your personal life.
The good planet Jupiter is in your house this year. It brings to your life self-discovery throughout 2016. It can be through new occupation, family’s affairs, or just self-discovery of personal potential that you haven’t implemented for a very long time.

Between February 2016 until mid-July 2016 you had a chance to be exposed to opportunities, and you enjoyed this period of time in your life, and your family members enjoyed it as well.
You have the time to be surrounded by friends and you will be able to support them, You’ll glow and you’ll enjoy the new you that embraced.
Expect an even greater connection between you and your spouse, this year more than before.

Money and Career:

This is a GOOD year for you Virgos! You will reinvent yourself in many fields, which will give you the opportunity to make more money.

You have to be very private with your plans, keep untrustworthy individuals at length, and your cards close to the chest. This will be very important.

Open your heart to help others, but don’t open your heart to tell what’s inside yourself.
April 2016, found many of you with a positive movement financially.

You will enjoy the rhythm of life in the financial arena, November and December are Great month for you financially.

Most of the year is very positive and will be kind to you on your financial level. This is very different from 2014 and 2015. You may inherit unexpected money toward the end of this year.

Love and Relationships:

Some of you may experience tough times with your spouse concerning his or her career, but your instincts and practicality will know how to handle this situation.

To the single Virgo, you may find a nice easy love between July 2016 and October 2016. Please listen to your heart, listen to your inner instinct, it is very sharp this year and you can count on it.

This is a great year overall for you Our Dearest Virgo!

Just remember to not be hard on yourself, and be open to accepting other people’s ways of thinking and you will be fine.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, sending you lots of love and blessing. As our special birthday gift to you receive 25% off select Virgo jewelry.

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