August 22nd marks the last month of summer.  Harvest time has arrived; earth’s garden has fully ripened.  As the seasons shift, summer to autumn, Virgo carefully tends to details.  Virgo’s have remarkable analytical abilities.  Virgo - You are the Organizer of the Zodiac.  Born with harvesting skills, you are practical, focused and productive.  With an eye for detail and diligent work, you can at times be overcritical and strive towards perfection.  A powerful and constructive mantra for you is to “Analyze rather than Criticize”.


Sapphire - is your birthstone

Mercury - is you planet 

Earth - is your element.


Mercury’s feet touch ground in Virgo, granting you the gift of practical expression and intellectual dexterity.  Allow your mind and hands a daily expression, and an outlet.  As an earth sign, you have a strong attunement to your body; nourishment and movement are essential.  Dig your hands into the earth, plant an herb garden, savor life’s abundance of flavors.

You love poetry, designing environment and indulging in projects that satisfy your inherent productive urges.

Simple acts to honor your Virgo nature will allow you to experience the GIFT OF TIME.

Set your intentions to embrace your potential.  Remember the small aspects of life are but pieces of a larger whole and find time to honor and enjoy the simple everyday moments of life.

The biggest tip I can give you my dearest Virgo: don’t be hard on yourself, try to accept other people’s ideas. THAT WILL HELP!


Overview 2017

In the past 2 years you had the influenced of the planet Saturn, which is a tough planet to deal with… at times, Jupiter (which is a great planet) influenced you, and created pockets of positivity, yet it wasn’t always successful to defeat the pressure of Saturn.  Hence the reasons for some of the difficulties you had experienced in the past two years.  Among other things, you worked hard to build a solid financial infrastructure for your future, but there were delays and challenges due to the planets surrounding you.

From June 2017, you started to feel much better, there are opportunities, there is optimism , there is good time entering back into your life.  The weight on your shoulders, has been lifted.

Generally speaking, from June 2017, you are entering a new chapter in your life, much easier then the past 2 and a half years.

The GOOD planet Jupiter entered your house of MONEY and will stay there until the end of October 2017.  You will continue working hard, but, this time you will enjoy the results of your work.  September and October ARE GREAT MOTHS FOR YOU VIRGO”S !!!


Money and Career

You may have had to fight for your rights in the beginning of 2017, but it is okay.  You showed your abilities and persistence to your employer, and he/she acknowledged it.

As mentioned before, Jupiter will stay in your house of money until October, and you will feel it BIG TIME.  This year you may buy a new car, or other expensive things that you didn’t even dream about purchasing in the past 2 years.

For the Virgo’s who were born in September 6th – 12th , please be careful with money, think twice before making any decisions and investments  - Jupiter can be tricky sometimes, and bring about a sense of optimism, which will give you more confidence. However, please don’t risk what you worked so hard for and act cautiously.



From May 2017, your relationship intensifies, and you will feel a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. It is like rebirth.

Don’t get attracted to the attraction of love. This is not the right way in relationship.  You need to get attracted to the PERSON, not to the attraction he/she proposed. This is VERY IMPORTANT!  You’ll need to check and really get to know the person before you fall in love... I think that Virgo’s that were born between September 1st and 6th should be more careful.  But don’t stress dear Virgo’s, from June 2017 onward, you will find the right one!


This year is a GOOD YEAR for you in all aspects. Happy to see big improvements coming your way, practical Virgo's!  ENJOY THE REST OF THIS YEAR, AND ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY.



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