Intuitive, intelligent, sensitive, caring and emotional, Cancer is the fourth astrological sign and is represented by the Crab in the constellations. Those fortunate enough to have a Cancer in their life know that they can always rely on the nurturing Cancer, and will always have an unmatched support system fueled by Cancer’s warmth.  Cancer is a leadership-oriented cardinal sign and an emotional water sign.


Pearl is your birthstone.  Moon is your planet.  Water is your element. 


The Perfect Gift

A Cancerian is known to be artistic, creative, and loves being pampered. For the lady Cancer, consider the gorgeous Astrology Necklace, which is both unique and beautiful.  For the male Cancer, the 3-band Sterling Silver and Blue Diamond ring set will be great as a fashion forward statement or as a meaningful engagement and wedding combination.



This is a year when a lot will get done.  Ambition will be the driving force in 2019, although you must not forget to take things slowly, step by step.  While this may be a challenging year in some ways, and optimism could get lost from time to time, things will gradually fall into place.  When you are moody, and all you want to do is crawl back into your shell, just remember that you WILL find the strength needed to pull through and get things done properly. Summertime will be your chance to shine, and show others what you are capable of.



2019 is a very exciting year for you from the career perspective.  It’s the perfect time to start planning long-term, dream big, and use your creative skills to the maximum to surge ahead professionally.  2019 will also be about trying to find a balance between your career and your personal life.  At the end of the year, you’ll have the opportunity to overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable and you will also have the opportunity to complete a project you care a lot about. 



This year make sure to slow down, and relish the moments with family and friends.  You’ll help yourself a lot this year by facing up to your obligations and making a commitment. 2019 will be very fruitful for people who are about to start fresh new relationships, with the confidence required to make the first move. Socialize, travel as much as possible, be patient, and try to be less bossy, hypersensitive, and cliquey.


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