Warmhearted, extremely loyal, kind, dramatic, creative, self-confident, stubborn, and dominant – you are extremely difficult to resist, and hardly ever go unnoticed. 


Peridot is your birthstone.  Sun is your planet.  Fire is your element. 


The Perfect Gift

Leo women love to be in the limelight as they love to be admired.  The gorgeous Galaxy watch collection will draw much esteemed attention and compliments to the Leo royalty.  Ruled by the Sun, the Leo man is gregarious, dynamic and a leader.  The authoritative, unique, solid, and strong design features of SEAH’s Astronomer watches will indisputably  lionize the King of the Jungle even more.



Family and health will be the major theme and focus of 2019.  This is the year to reevaluate your diet, and start making healthier lifestyle choices.  Make time to exercise, rest, travel, and party, but don’t forget to work hard, and be serious when it comes to caring for your physical needs and emotional grounding.  Make more quality time for the kids and the elderly in your family, and initiate date nights with your significant other.  Avoid physical overload, and concentrate on recreation in terms of getting balance and inner peace. This year will bring about a few challenges and frustrations, but you must remain strong, calm, tactful, and positive.  Try to save more, and spend less. There will be plenty of moments to shine and celebrate, but to make that happen you must push yourself further towards accomplishing more!



Leos are able to achieve anything they set their mind to, and commit to.  This year should bring about changes in the form of rewards for hard work.  Things are finally falling into place, and are starting to make sense when it comes to school, work, and hobbies which may materialize into business opportunities.  The planetary alignments give way to a brand new profession or job, or prospects of improving your current role. Whatever confusion and anxiety you’ve had in 2018 will turn into a positive focus, and clear goals in 2019.



Your love life will have a refreshed, positive, and fiery vibe as Jupiter is about to drown you in opportunities.  Romance may be closely tied to work and health in 2019, which may bring about favorable partnerships in business, intimate discussions of your fears and goals, or you may meet a love interest through your work or the pursuit of a better physical wellness.  Jupiter, the planet of luck and evolution remains in the house of love until the middle of the year, stimulating your courage, charm, and fortune.


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