Spring Equinox

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Most of the time we have it on the 21 of March when Aries sign is starting, but because this year we had 29 days in February (Leap year), the math for the Equinox moved by one day.   What is Equinox? When the the Sun shines directly on the Equator and the length of the Day and Night are equal 12...

Happy Birthday Dearest Pisces!

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February 19 - March 20 February 19th, the time of Pisces begins. In Pisces the sun completes the seasonal round, the days grow longer, the winds of winter carry a hint of spring and the smell of life on its breath.   Like their symbol the Fish, Pisces people swim into their internal realms of ima...


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January 20 - February 18As midwinter arrives on January 20th the sun enters Aquarius . Inspired by the increase of light, Aquarius people look forward and think outside the box . Like their symbol, the Water Bearer that pours knowledge and wisdom earthward, Aquarius seeks to nurture humanity.   A...

It's Capricorn Season!

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Capricorns, like their symbol the Steady Mountain Goat, navigate through life, undaunted by the difficult pathway to the summit. They are confidant, resilient, patient, and filled with endurance, eager to meet the challenges of ascent.   Capricorns understand that slow steady steps in time lead t...

Welcome to Sagittarius Season November 22 - December 21

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The final weeks of autumn are upon us. As we travel through this darkest tunnel of our year be on the lookout for the shining Sagittarians to light the way. These bright companions are the storytellers of the Zodiac. With a Sagittarius you will find an optimist with a social streak and a love of...