2018 Planetary Forecast & Overview for ALL Signs

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This coming year, three of our main planets, which are slower moving planets that  create changes over longer periods of time, are shifting positions in the sky. I’mreferring to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. This planetary movement will affect all thezodiac signs in 2018.  The planets are moving sl...

The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring Equinox

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sun rising on a field of red flowers feature image for SEAH® The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring Equinox
It is the time of year where we once again welcome the spring equinox. Day and night are equal in length, right down to the degree. This is a very important day in both Astronomy and Astrology. We say goodbye to the long darkness of winter, and hello to new life. New life in both the physical sen...

Happy Birthday Dearest Pisces!

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Seah® Designs Horoscope - Pisces Reading
February 19 - March 20 February 19th, the time of Pisces begins. In Pisces the sun completes the seasonal round, the days grow longer, the winds of winter carry a hint of spring and the smell of life on its breath.   Like their symbol the Fish, Pisces people swim into their internal realms of ima...