It is the time of year where we once again welcome the spring equinox. Day and night are equal in length, right down to the degree. This is a very important day in both Astronomy and Astrology. We say goodbye to the long darkness of winter, and hello to new life. New life in both the physical sense, as flowers begin to bloom, and in the spiritual sense, as this is the season of spiritual resurrection.

Many religions celebrate resurrection mysteries. In Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus occurs in Spring, and in many ancient cultures similar mysteries take place. For the ancient Egyptians, it was the resurrection of Osiris, for the Greeks, Dionysus, for the Mayan, Hun Hunahpu.

Spring Equinox and the Sun Cycle

We celebrate the sun’s journey through the year as it begins to bring us longer days and the joys of spring. It is a time to shed the trials we overcame and welcome ourselves to a new level of enlightenment, and gain a greater appreciation of life’s deeper truths.

All of this is represented in the sun’s cycle, and it is why the sun is so important to ancient mathematics, and why sun symbols are found in all cultures in temples, texts, and sacred teaching.

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