To Our Dearest Seah Family,

As a company that works with Astronomy and Astrology, we would like to share with you our thoughts and prayers during these unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus. We are here to share with you our insight on spirituality that up until lately, didn’t have much space in our busy life. 

 This is a very important and enlightened time for all of us …for every human being on this planet without any exclusion of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation and/or age.

 Our world has dramatically changed. Today, we are much more vulnerable and fragile … but we shall overcome this and ultimately triumph.

 There is so much to learn from this pandemic. You see, before the pandemic, we were busy working hard. We didn’t have time to stop and look around. We had little if any patience for ourselves, our family, and loved ones. We didn’t have a real social life; on the contrary, we had and continue to have an extremely active virtual social life that is predominantly dominated by social media.  We thrived from getting more likes, accumulating “friends” and followers, and building our social status based on those things … this is not real life.

All we wanted before Coronavirus was to achieve: money, status, and recognition. Sadly, we forgot to see and feel the real world: nature, wildlife and ALL of GOD’s creation. 

 Ask yourselves: before quarantine, when was the last time you saw the sunset, watched a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, heard birds singing,  smell citrus, ate real fruit and actually enjoy the taste of it … when was it??

 Pre-Coronavirus, we focused on just the opposite… we wanted to build our personal and social life, to expand our territory, to be the one who can rule the world (again: STATUS, MONEY, RECOGNITION). We uprooted trees and took over animal habitats to further satisfy our own selfish needs. We didn’t leave room for nature to bloom or for wildlife to live their life in peace. All this in order to further advance our personal gains.  

 NOW we are living in unprecedented strange times. We have no choice but to PAUSE. We are forced to stay at home with our spouses, our children, and in light of this, we have an opportunity to realize all that we missed for so many years. We have the chance to learn how to be a FAMILY.  While we are in hiding, it’s wildlife that is no longer scared to be hunted. Animals are out exploring and no longer subordinate to the human race. 

People infected by this virus are stripped from their sense of smell, their sense of taste, and they must be in total one to hold. Today, we miss hugging our parents and our friends. We miss their warm touch and their smell, something we didn’t have time for before.

This is how one little virus had a huge effect on all of mankind. 

 Look at how much we needed emotional affection to breathe — instead of breathing with a ventilator.

We realize now that we need our friends, instead of being alone. As this virus spreads rapidly in cold weather, we realize how important it is to receive the real warmth from our family & friends. 

 This is the main lesson to be learned at this crucial time in our fragile lives. I urge you to please set your priorities different now, so that when this time period will be in your past, and we will overcome this, you will be a richer person spiritually, and gain real wisdom to carry with you for the rest of your precious life. 

Hope you stay safe and healthy.