About Seah® Fine Jewelry



Rachel Levy

The Creator, Founder & Designer behind the SEAH® Brand.

SEAH’s ® creator and designer Rachel Levy has always been fascinated with the study of celestial objects and how their influence affects human affairs. In 2007 Levy began her journey of study into both astrology and astronomy, with a strong focus on the deep connection these two disciplines once had in ancient times.

Rachel’s journey has resulted in the watches, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links and earrings of the SEAH® collection. Capturing the traits of astrological signs dating back to Ancient Greece, the SEAH® collection evokes a time when astrology and astronomy were one and the same, and recognizes one’s personal place in time among a larger, more mysterious whole.

As a Sagittarius, Rachel is a creative and compassionate person with a free-spirited independence that is forever searching for innovation and inspiration. She is grateful and honored that her journey has created the opportunity to be presenting her collection to you.



SEAH® began with a line of watches created by designer Rachel Levy. Her enchantment with both astrology and astronomy resulted in a seven-year journey that culminated with the inspiration to create SEAH® and design watches that tell a one of a kind story of the connection of the universe with time, the intermingling of the past, present, and future, and the influence of the zodiac on both a universal and personal level. SEAH® reminds us of our inner traits in the form of a timepiece with a story. The meaning of SEAH® in Aramaic, an ancient language, is “time” and “hour.” Each detail on the watch connects us to the universe and nature.

The popularity of our line of astrologically influenced watches resulted in the expansion of the SEAH® line to include luxury bracelets, cuff links, earrings, rings, and necklaces. Our watches and jewelry pieces bring you back in time to your roots, acknowledge your personality and the qualities that make you unique, and celebrate your gifts, as well as the challenges you were born with.


The SEAH® collection represents your genetic stamp based on Astronomy and Astrology. The Seah® Designs Jewelry Collectionuniqueness of this line is a statement you can see in each piece.


It shines in the individual zodiac signs at the summit, and the infinite waves of the ocean on the bezel of the Galaxy and Empyrean watches. The illuminating sun lies at the center, surrounded by 12 heavenly stars. In the moon’s glow, you will find the date. Ocean waves continue across the bracelet and clasp, and you are connected to the mysterious and all-inclusive systematic order.


It echoes the past in the Astronomer collection, the only watch in the world that replaces the standard numeric dial with twelve Greek zodiac signs designed by Rachel Levy herself. Lines reminiscent of Greek and Roman columns, colors of Ancient Egypt, the sun and moon connecting us all on our journey through time.

The universal symbol of the circle shines through our ring collection. The yellow gold, rose gold and silver of our unique rings can be mixed and matched in an infinite timelessness that represents the sun, the true circle of the zodiac.


Connect with the elements that are unique to your personal astrological sign as they wrap in an infinite loop around your wrist. A personal gift to yourself that connects you to the greater whole is what our bracelets are truly about, and with full customization your signature emblems can be assembled to create your own custom wearable astrological family album.

In our earrings, necklaces, and cufflinks the light of your individuality radiates. Choose an earring or cufflink with our golden Crown of Light emblem and the radiant blue diamond centers you within the churning of a constantly changing universe. Wear your astrological sign on your sleeve, or dangling on your earlobes, and embrace all that exists within your sign. Wear the Crown of Light or your personal sign a little closer to your heart with one of three great designs from our necklace line.