SEAH® Designs, LLC Zodiac Signs - Aries

As you set your SEAH® watch, also set intentions to embrace your potential. Take time to find outlets for your fiery energy. Be mindful of your influence on others and remember that not everyone can keep up with you.



Spring arrives March 21st, the sun begins its seasonal round and it is the time of Aries. Beckoned by the Ram, the Northern Hemisphere welcomes spring as the earth awakens. Pulled from winter's sleep, life emerges once again. Aries people, like the surge of spring, rush forth into time with energy, zeal, and confidence.


As the plants blossom and awaken, Aries is infused with power and strength.


Aries - you are a natural Leader, the Ram that pulls the Sun, and you command attention. With horns as strong as bone, you are equipped with tools of bravery and courage. Diamond is your birthstone, Mars your planet, Fire your element. Guided by the Red Warrior, this planet brings forth pioneering power. With a ram at your side, diamond in your sword, and a warrior in your blood, you charge forward with a fire for life.


Let SEAH® jewelry and watch collection remind you with every glance of the unique qualities you possess. Wear it as a symbol of your journey through life, that you are connected to a mysterious and all-inclusive systematic order. We are all woven together, threads that color the tapestry of time. Enjoy it and remember all that exists within your sign. Use it to embrace your inborn ability.


You need adventure in your life: hike a trail you have never explored, drive an unfamiliar road. Do something new. By finding time in your regular routine to break new ground, you align with your Aries nature. Athletics and competition are beneficial as you need physical outlets to engage and express your fiery nature. Simple actions to honor your Aries nature will allow you to experience the gifts of time.