SEAH® Designs, LLC Zodiac Signs - Cancer

As you set your SEAH® watch also set intentions to embrace your potential. Take time to relax in the moonlight, respect your emotions and remember to nurture yourself as well as others.


JUNE 21 - JULY 21

The Summer Solstice June 21st begins the time of Cancer, and summer arrives. This is the time when daylight is greatest, when all is nurtured by a season of warmth. During this time of abundance, gardens flourish while flowers, food and leisure are plentiful. Cancers possess emotional power and are governed by the moon. In its wax and wane, as it pulls at the ocean tides, the moon symbolizes Cancers continually changing emotions. Cancer people, like summertime, are warm, receptive and governed by their desire to nurture.


Cancer - you are the Caretaker of the Zodiac. Swimming lunar tides, your empathy soothes and comforts others. Ruby is your birthstone, the Crab your symbol, Water your element. Crabs frolic amidst the ocean tides yet always stay close to home. Cancer, your home is your haven. You may travel far and wide but must always have a nest to return to. As a water sign, your feelings guide you; your strengths are warmth, compassion, and emotional depth.


Let SEAH® jewelry and watch collection remind you with every glance of the unique qualities you possess. Wear it as a symbol of your journey through life, that you are connected to a mysterious and all-inclusive systematic order. We are all woven together, threads that color the tapestry of time. Enjoy it and remember all that exists within your sign. Use it to embrace your inborn ability.


Through understanding the universal principals of Cancer you can best be nurtured by time. Cooking a meal for family and friends will always warm your heart. With a powerful urge to care for others, you can forget to attend to yourself. Take time to sort out and explore your feelings. Water is your healing element so swimming or taking warm baths will melt tensions away. Simple acts to honor your Cancer nature will allow you to experience the gifts of time.