SEAH® Designs, LLC Zodiac Signs - Sagittarius

As you set your SEAH® watch, also set intentions to embrace your potential. Raise your bow to the sky, take time to tell stories, let your mind travel, but be sure to come back to earth and appreciate the details of daily life.



November 22nd begins the last month of autumn, the time of Sagittarius. This is the time of greatest darkness and Sagittarius people love to brighten. The Sagittarian Archer, with a bow and arrow raised skyward, plans adventures and seeks to travel in body and in mind. Gathering around the hearth fire, Sagittarius tells stories of far off places to uplift and inspire. Warm, social and optimistic, Sagittarius inspires laughter and communication.


Sagittarius - you are the Travelers and Storytellers of the Zodiac. You can sell or teach anything to anyone as long as it captures your enthusiasm. Like the Archer, your words can be direct as an arrow’s head so with tactfulness comes wisdom. Turquoise is your birthstone, Jupiter your planet, Fire your element. Jovial by nature, you bring humor and joy into the darkest time of the year.


Let SEAH® jewelry and watch collection remind you with every glance of the unique qualities you possess. Wear it as a symbol of your journey through life, that you are connected to a mysterious and all-inclusive systematic order. We are all woven together, threads that color the tapestry of time. Enjoy it and remember all that exists within your sign. Use it to embrace your inborn ability.


Through understanding the universal principals of Sagittarius you can best utilize your time. You love other cultures so reading the National Geographic Magazine or watching a documentary about another country satisfies your need for adventure. Planning a trip is thrilling for you, yet even taking a day to hike in nature does wonders to uplift your spirit. Simple actions to honor your Sagittarius nature will allow you to experience the gifts of time.