SEAH® Designs, LLC Zodiac Signs - Aquarius

As you set your SEAH® watch, also set intentions to embrace your potential. Take time to develop and listen to your intuitive gifts. Look to the future knowing solutions to challenges are yours to discover.



Midwinter arrives on January 20th as the sun enters Aquarius. Amidst winter’s deep freeze, days begin to visibly lengthen. The winter’s angled light reveals new colors, sparkling snow and rainbow icicles while magic fills the cold crystalline air. Inspired by the increase of light, Aquarius people look forward and think outside the box. Like their symbol, the Water Bearer that pours knowledge and wisdom earthward, Aquarius seeks to nurture humanity.


Aquarius - you are the Futurist of the Zodiac. Innately intuitive, original and inventive, you seek freedom through creative problem-solving and your unique approach to life is inborn. Amethyst is your birthstone, Uranus your planet, Air your element. Uranus governs lightening and intuitive power, those sudden flashes of understanding that unify diverse ideas; trust and listen to them.


Let SEAH® jewelry and watch collection remind you with every glance of the unique qualities you possess. Wear it as a symbol of your journey through life, that you are connected to a mysterious and all-inclusive systematic order. We are all woven together, threads that color the tapestry of time. Enjoy it and remember all that exists within your sign. Use it to embrace your inborn ability.


Through understanding the universal principals of Aquarius you can best align with time and honor your pioneering spirit. Social and gregarious, you are nurtured by group activities. Philosophical discussions with friends uplift and inspire your inquisitive mind. Keeping a journal to record flashes of insight will be an inspiring process. Simple actions to honor your Aquarius nature will allow you to experience the gifts of time.