SEAH® Designs, LLC Zodiac Signs - Leo

As you set your SEAH watch, also set intentions to embrace your potential. Find time to shine, dance and play. Recognize yourself every day for you personify the greatness of the Lion and the power of the Sun.



Mid summer arrives on July 22nd and the Sun enters Leo. Nature’s vitality prevails with warmth and light. The Sun is at its strongest and reigns supreme in the time of Leo. The Lion is Leo’s symbol and like this creature of strength, Leo people rule their kingdom with a fierce sense of courage, pride and optimism. Leo embodies the fire of the sun, shines creatively and loves passionately. Summertime’s peak inspires Leo’s personal magnetism and dignity. In blazes of confidence, Leo people are dynamic, social and royal.


Leo - you are the Creators of the Zodiac, the Lion that symbolizes the sun’s life-giving power. This regal nature gives you great dignity, charm, pride and leadership ability. Peridot is your birthstone, the Sun your planet, Fire your element. Similar to the sun seated at the center of our solar system, Leos like to be the center of attention.



Let SEAH® jewelry and watch collection remind you with every glance of the unique qualities you possess. Wear it as a symbol of your journey through life, that you are connected to a mysterious and all-inclusive systematic order. We are all woven together, threads that color the tapestry of time. Enjoy it and remember all that exists within your sign. Use it to embrace your inborn ability.


Through understanding the universal principals of Leo you can best be creative with your time. Time for play is crucial for Leo people. Outlets for your burning passion are needed.Join a theater group, go out on the town, and explore your dramatic artistic talents. Nothing is greater than running in a pack surrounded by friends and family; however, alone time is also truly important. Build a fire and be aware of your great beauty. Simple actions to honor your Leo nature will allow you to experience the gifts of time.