In honor of Father’s Day 2016 we thought we would take a moment to acknowledge some of the great men of astrology and their contributions to the study that inspired the entire line of SEAH® luxury jewelry.

Let’s begin with our astrological forefathers, the men of Babylon and Sumer who envisioned our first astrological system to predict weather patterns, and Alexander the Great, whose conquests spread astrology through the Hellenistic world.

There is also the Arabic astrologers whose knowledge of the stars added much to astrology including the naming of stars such as Betelgeuse, Rigel, and Vega.

Alan Leo, who was born in 1860, who brought an astrology renaissance after is had begun to fade like the stars at sunrise. His contribution to astrology includes adding the theosophist religious concepts of karma and reincarnation to the study.

And speaking of Leo’s in astrology, let’s take a moment to honor the Sun (Leo’s planet) on this Father’s Day. The sun’s life-giving power is reflected in our fathers, whose regal nature reflects great dignity, charm, pride and leadership ability.

We'd also like to extend a special honor to all of the father's out there. Until June 20th you can receive 25% off of our men's leather bracelets, leather cufflinks, astrology necklace, and SEAH's Astronomer watch .