Miami, FL- While it’s become commonplace for big watch companies, such as Swatch Group and Fossil, to expand with a branded jewelry collection, it’s more unusual when a boutique watch brand adds a line of jewelry.

But doing things differently is what designer Rachel Levy is all about. Levy spent seven years developing SEAH®, a Swiss-made line of watches based upon her love of astrology and astronomy.

The limited edition watches are based upon the 12 signs of the zodiac and feature details based upon each sign as well as astronomical elements. Levy has introduced a leather strap bracelet set in steel with gold plated icons depicting signs under fire, water, air and earth.

Personality Via Astrology

“The bracelets became just as popular as the watches,” Levy says, prompting her to develop a full fledged jewelry collection, also centered around the zodiac, for both men and women.

For women, the collection has both long and stud earrings in gold and stainless steel, each depicting an astrological sign on a coin. The gold chandelier earring has down six sparkling globes, representing celestial bodies. The multi-dimensional necklace has an astrological floating gold coin.

For men, SEAH® added cufflinks in stainless steel or gold with leather straps holding a personalized astrological sign. The leather straps can be removed going from a sophisticated, elegant look to a sportier, every-day piece. To match, a stainless steel, personalized, black leather bracelet that clasps together for a perfect fit.

“It’s not just a jewelry line; it has a message to every individual. The line was created with love and passion and I would like the wearer to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it,” says Levy.

The entire jewelry collection has suggested retails ranging from $125 to $380.