In honor of our upcoming Planets Collection the SEAH® Team would like to present a short introduction to the integral position that the planets hold as they rule over your astrological sign. In the study of astrology the position of the planets at the second of your birth affects you right to the core, deep within your DNA.

When your horoscope is interpreted an astrologer will consult the position of the planets in both the astrological sign of the zodiac and in the houses of the horoscope. They will also determine the aspects, which takes into consideration all of the angles formed by the planets in relation to each other.  In Western astrology the sun and moon are to be considered as planets. 

The Ruling Planets, Astrological Signs, and Houses

Sun: Leo in the 5th house
Moon: Cancer in the 4th house
Mercury: Gemini, Virgo, and the 3rd and 6th houses
Venus: Tauris, Libra, and the 2nd and 7th houses
Mars: Aries, Scorpio (sub-rules), and the 1st and 8th (sub-rules) houses
Jupiter: Sagittarius, Pisces (sub-rules), and the 9th and 12th (sub-rules) houses
Saturn: Capricorn, Aquarius (sub-rules), and the 10th and 11th (sub-rules) houses
Uranus: Aquarius and the 11th house
Neptune: Pisces and the 12th house
Pluto: Scorpio and the 8th house