The eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, you are strong, resourceful and stubborn.  Passion and decisiveness are in your blood, bravery and leadership are at your core, and love for family and friends are the driving forces behind all that you do.  A water sign, you yearn to experience and to express emotions, you’ll try everything once, you despise dishonesty, and value true friendships.


Topaz is your birthstone.  Pluto & Mars are your planets.  Water is your element. 


The Perfect Gifts The fiery Scorpio, you are mysterious and unforgettable!  When trying to find a gift for a Scorpio lady, make sure it's from the heart.  The elegant 3 Wrap Seasons Bracelet with six stunning emblems representing Fall/Winter signs (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces) will wow and flatter her.  While the Scorpio man is an intriguing, enigmatic creature, he is a romantic at heart, and will truly appreciate the thought behind the kind gesture of gift giving.  Make it personal, and choose a gift that compliments his scorpion nature.  The black leather bracelet in Stainless Steel with a Scorpio sign would be just right.


Overview This year brings an interesting mix of stability and surprises dear Scorpio.  The stars offer a broader foundation to construct your dreams into tangible success and probabilities.  You’re in “builder” mode now, as 2019 brings a rush of productivity, stability, and growth to your life.  Prepare to attract anything from a money-making opportunity to improved relationship prospects.  Watch your health, your weight, and your wallet.


Career 2019 brings you luck and possibilities.  A new job, a relocation, or a raise may be occupying your professional time this year.  Be the leader that you are!  Educate yourself on innovative technologies, new trends, and best practices within your field. Build strategic alliances, and tap into your professional contacts for ideas and advise.  Try to reduce unnecessary expenses this year, with the exception of investing in yourself and your family. Do not lend money in 2019 as this will cause losses since likelihood of repayment is quite low.


Relationships A true romantic adrenaline rush is possible with Uranus moving through your partnership sector starting March.  This will remain in your chart until April 2026, so get used to this electrifying feeling.  If you are in a relationship, be prepared for some challenges this year.  If you are in love, and willing to work together, then your relationship will withstand the trials.  Do not give up, this is temporary.  Cherish what you have, nurture it, and do not take it for granted. Travel together when possible, and pamper each other.  If you are single, you'll begin to notice a unique set of circumstances which will change the dynamic of your dating life.  Enjoy it all!


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