Aries : March 21 to April 20 Happy Birthday Aries! Before I start my 2020 reading for you, I would like to mention that you are the FIRST Zodiac sign in Astrology, all the other 11 signs come after you. You are the pioneer. 

We start the astrological calendar when night and day at even lengths. This is called an Equinox ! This is the reason why Astrology starts with you dear Aries. We have an equinox twice a year,on March 21st and September 21st. 

The equinox occurs when the Sun (your identity) shines directly on the equator and the length of daytime and nighttime are almost even to a degree. This year we have the Equinox on March 20th because we had a leap year ( February 29 days) . Regardless of the specific dates, you are the FIRST SIGN OF THE ZODIAC. 

As Springs arrives and the sun begins its seasonal round, the earth starts to awake and winter goes to sleep. Aries people are full of energy and confidence. Aries are infused with power and strength . 

Aries - you are a natural leader and you command attention. Diamond - is your birthstone Mars - is your planet Fire - is your element . Guided by the Red Warrior, this planet brings forth pioneering power. With the ram at your side, diamond as your sword , and a warrior in your blood , you charge forward with the fire of life. These are the connections of your birthstone, planet and element. 

In general, Aries wants adventure in their life: always needing to have something new. 

Like children, you feel the need to always be stimulated by new attractions. Please be mindful of your influence on others and remember that not everyone can keep up with you! 

Love and relationship : Overall this year has it’s ups and downs. You have the planet Mars - your ruler planet making changes in the structure of your relationships. This is good since you needed to restructure some issues in your relationship. You will remember things from the past that were painful, but you didn’t have a chance to restructure those issues before. 2020 will bring to the surface those things in order to resolve them and move forward. 

The issue you have in your relationship is not necessarily 

your partner, but more so your work and career which take time away from you on account of your relationship. This is the main issue. The single Aries, will find love through work, grttytteyfyt{#%}.h traveling and get together places. 

💫 Work and Career: This is the BIGGIE for 2020. You’re fast, ambitious and practical ( when it comes to work). 

January - March 2020, as we speak, you are getting there, especially the ones in the filed of marketing and 

communication. You want to be free to make your own decision. This is also period you may have to travel. 

April to June 2020: You will be getting a nice surprise for starting up new business or in your existing career you’ll get the breakthrough you need. It is like opening a new page of something. This feelings will work for you on many arenas and it can be great for your relationship as well. Even if something wasn’t looking good before - it will start to look good now. 

July to September 2020 : Great opportunity is coming in your career and business life. Those of you that were under the impression from past years that everything stays the same, will feel the difference. This opportunity will lead you to better places in your life! Don’t miss it. GO FOR IT! However...Don't let your ego destroy these opportunities. You have ego issues, that is part of your personality, but this time, please put your ego on the back burner. Your financial situation benefits from this transition. The only thing I worry about is your power ego and ego power. Once you eliminate them, the sky is the limit! This is the ONLY way to achieve your dreams. 

October to December 2020: You are going to start to see the fruits of your success. You worked hard , but you’ll see fruits of your labor toward the end of this year. 

This year is considered to be one of the most challenging. It is an intense year and whatever you will achieve this year will lay new tracks for the years to come. 

You need to take care of your health, since it is a demanding year, please don't forget to eat, sleep and exercise, everything in moderation. 

Wishing you all the best dear Aries, The Seah Team