The last month of Spring - this is Gemini’s time. Riding on the Spring breeze with Mercury - which brings the best communication ever. 

Gemini people are quick minded, communicative and extremely expressive. Gemini is infused with curiosity, quick wittiness and humor.

As the seasons shift Spring to Summer, Gemini explores the myriad wonders of nature seeking words to convey the diversity of ideas.

Gemini - You are the Thinker of the Zodiac.

Mercury - your planet 

Pearl - Your birthstone

Twins - your symbol

Air - your element.


The Twins represent an awareness of the duality in nature. Day and night, good and evil, black and white. This duality is an intrigue, the source of inner completion, which inspires your sense of curiosity. 

As an air sign, you are logical; your mind is great at manifestation. Imparting pearls of wisdom. Your strength is communication and the ability to ask questions.


Gemini, your mind needs to engage in all you do; read books, laugh, find topics that stimulate your mind …. Take time to enjoy ideas, explore your mind, and remember to embrace your sense of humor. 


Career and money: Neptune is now visiting in your sign. He is moving slow and steady, this planet is a dreamy one, he might give you the picture that all is good…but you need to be more grounded with this planet. There is good timing for you in July and August 2020, but the real financial change will start to be more effective starting December 2020.


There are many uncertainties that you are going through until July 2020 and your vision is foggy because of Neptune. But you will find highly creative plans to move on with your life, which will come to real results by the end of this year. The month of April and May 2020 will be beneficial for those of you who are dealing with studies. The planet Mars gets into your sign by the end of May and the planet Venus retrogrades in your sign at the same time. That will create some dilemmas and confusion but as mentioned earlier, July & August 2020 are good months to establish your financial situation. For those of you who are working in alternative medicine and/or food supply-this is an incredibly good year to stay. Gemini, you will have good networking in September 2020. Also, between July and September 2020, one of your friends will need your help and you will be there for them.


Love and relationship: Just to give you an update: Venus retrograde in your sign from May 13 - June 25, 2020...this may affect your love life and relationship.

From January to May your relationship was unexpected... which means … up and down … but this is very normal in relationships overall. Good relationships will stay good. 

For the single Gemini - you will meet the right person to share your life will be stronger starting July 2020.

You are very intuitive; this will help you in your relationship and love life. You will start to realize that you can trust only yourself and not count of promises from others. This will guide you in your relationship throughout the year. 

You may also think about moving to another place. This can be another home, another country or another facility.


Overall:  This year, you do not want to take risks in any field of your life. Things will create themselves organically, you do not need to analyze everything. The only thing you will need to process is trust in yourself rather than others…use your intuitions and do not take risks. Be careful, open your eyes widely, do not put all your eggs in the same basket, do not play with your ego, these things are especially important for you to move forward and remain much safer. 


This year is not an ordinary year for all of zodiac signs… but overall starting July 2020, things will be much better for you dear Gemini. 


Sending you many blessings.


The Seah Team