Taurus April 21 - May 20 

Happy Birthday Dearest Taurus !

This is the second month of Spring, The time of Taurus. Taurus people, are grounded, earthy, and practical by nature. Taurus needs to settle into their nest, build comfort and beauty.

Taurus - You are the builder and Lover of Beauty.

Emerald - is your birthstone

Venus - your planet

Earth - your element

Guided by Venus, you delight in all life creates. Strong willed with the Bull as your friend, you move steadily forward with appreciation for everything you see. Amidst the hectic tempo of daily life, you need to make time for pleasure and beauty. Adorn your home with flowers, curl up in a comfortable chair, purchase gorgeous piece of artwork for your home. Taurus is the natural gourmet of the zodiac. Fine dinning will always boost your spirit.

Take time to enjoy your earthy nature. Unwind, smell the roses, and when you feel stuck , remember to find the simple pleasure in life. Remember all that exists within your sign. Use it to embrace your inborn ability.

Career & Money: The planet Uranus is in control now at your house of career. Usually the planet Uranus rules Aquarius. This planet has a strong influence to make changes. Taurus - do not like changes, but when it appears in the house of career you’ll feel you want to make a change at work. Maybe, you’ll look for another place, another position or another venue to explore. This year , it will be easier for you to make or take this step under the influence of Uranus. You are at a changing stage. There will be many opportunities for you to explore, you will get some hints about it starting April through June 2020. You need to be open minded to those opportunities because officially the real change will take a turn in December 2020. At that time the planets Jupiter and Saturn move to the house of your career. You will start to see improvement in your financial arena by November 2020.

This year will be better than last year!

In general, this year you will be experiencing some travel, more so after June 2020. You may have some financial dilemmas and some delays between March and June 2020 but they will move away after June 2020.

August 2020 is a good time for home renovations. September 8th through November 13, 2020 you will start to make some rewinding in your deep emotions and you may make some changes in the way you’ll see and process things.

Love and Relationship: Last year wasn’t easy for you. Uranus came to visit your sign and will stay there until 2025. Uranus is a planet of change …Taurus don't like changes .. but with these changes that Uranus brings, you will experience some changes in relationships as well. Everything will come suddenly…good relationship will stay good. The biggest influence of those changes will be effecting the Taurus that were born April 21 to May 1st.

May 13 through June 25, 2020, the relationships having a stressful time, do not let it effect you because October and November 2020 will be a GREAT time for your relationship to bloom again! The single Taurus, you will meet a nice person on October 2020 and you’ll enjoy that very much.

In a nutshell my reading to you dearest Taurus , It is a year of change in all aspects… work, studies, relationship and love. Those changes are good for you to grow and to learn . As much as you don't like changes, since you don't like the unknown, you’ll be surprised that it comes to you this time organically and you’ll accept and adapt them into your life without difficulties.

Your intuition is very strong. You will feel certain things before they come. *Trust your intuition*

Hope you have enjoyed your reading. Remember, everything will unfold for you at the end of June, from July onward you’ll feel more free to move toward your goals.

Wishing you all the best.

The Seah Team