To commemorate the launch of our newest addition, Celestial, The SEAH® Team Presents part two of our History of Astrology series.

A History of Astrology: Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome

Astrology in Ancient Egypt

Across an endless sea and through the sands of time we see the influence of astrology finds itself brought to the Egypt of 525 BC on the heels of a conquering army. The Persians with their clashing swords victorious, lay them in the sand and introduce the Egyptians to Mesopotamian astrology

Witness this influence in the two Egyptian zodiac symbols - Balance and Scorpion.
A second wave of invaders and influences found themselves Egypt in 332 BC. Alexander the Great and his loyal indomitable army stretched their claim into the Nile valley, and under their rule Egyptian and Babylonian astrology’s mixed, and Horoscopic astrology was born.

From the Greek word horoskopos this brand of astrology encompasses the creation of an astrological chart that notes the position of celestial bodies from the location of the chosen subject. Through this reading character, psychology, destiny itself becomes illuminated.

Welcome into that destiny, Ptolemy, fated to become the author of the Tetrabiblos whose theoretical musings guided astrology through the darkness of the middle ages and ushered her into the light of the renaissance. Today still, Ptolemy stands as a pillar, whose life’s work served as foundation for the astrological traditions of our Western world.

Astrology in Ancient Greece and Rome

As our conqueror Alexander carried his zeal for conquest east into Asia the Greeks were not immune to the influence of the cosmologies of Babylon, Persian, and Syria. The Greeks were not a people to close their minds to an idea, and through them many forms of astrology sprung, much like Athena, the goddess of wisdom springing skyward as she burst from the head of mighty Zeus.

Two types of astrology emerged by the 1st century BC. The first brought forth the past, present, and future in detailed horoscope readings. The second was theurgic, more of a dialogue between the individual and the divine, a rule-book for living a life that would end with ascension to the stars.

For Rome, the influence of Greek culture was always prevalent, and astrology was no different.

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