Mid-summer arrives on July 22nd, and the Sun enters to Leo. The Sun is at its strongest, reigning supreme in the time of Leo. The Lion is Leo’s symbol, and true to its character of strength, Leo’s rule their kingdom with fierce sense of courage, pride and optimism. Leo embodies the fire of the sun, shines with creativity, and loves passionately. Leo’s personal magnetism and dignity are impossible to conceal. Make a long story short – those born under the Leo sign are dynamic, social and Royal.


Leo - you are the creators of the Zodiac, the Lion that symbolizes the sun’s life-giving power. This regal nature gives you great dignity, charm, pride and leadership ability.

Peridot - is your birthstone

Sun - is you planet 

Fire - is your element.


Similar to the Sun seated at the center of our solar system, Leo’s like to be the center of attention.


You like to play, to party; to be surrounded by family and friends, however, alone time is also truly important to you.


Set intentions to embrace your potential, dear Leo. Find time to shine, dance and play. Recognize yourself everyday, for you personify the greatness of the Lion and power of the Sun.  KEEP SHINING AND SMILING!!! It is a great gift!


Overview 2017

This year you'll embrace yourself in many fields… especially in your work, in studies, in discoveries of something new, and you’ll open your eyes to these fresh opportunities which you were never exposed to or aware of. You’ll meet new group of people, and your vision about people will change!  You may travel more than usual, while it can be physical travel or escaping and wondering in your mind… but for sure - you will look at life and people from a different angle.


At the beginning it will be strange, but as time goes by, you will enjoy and appreciate it.  If you are good at art, creation, and communication – you’ll excell in those fields, especially in the months  of April, August, October or December 2017.


The planet Venus retrogrades March and April… which will cause some delays…but good times are ahead from October 2017 and on.


This is a year that you’ll experience changes in your life, at work and in your personal arena. There are lessons to see and learn dear Leo. Keep your eyes and your mind open, and learn from the changes which are about to come. Learn about yourself, about people, about work and about your friends and family. 


Money and Career

Because you are gaining an experience from all of the above, you will see the good/great results by Fall 2017.


You may move to different direction, but you don’t need to worry, the good luck will stay with you, and you will see gleams of it in October 2017.


On the financial side, you didn’t finish with the influence of the planet Saturn has brought challenges and difficulties to all Zodiac signs while in the house of money. Saturn is still there, but fortunately this year will be better than the last one due to savings and keeping what you have instead of going to unknown risky places. You learned how to manage your money, and you will be fine and safe. Do not fall into “too good to be true” offers!  That’s a very dangerous road.


You need to protect what you have, and not look for big risks and adventures money wise.


Even at work, if you’re comfortable where you are – stay there, but keep your eyes open for new skills and knowledge… that will make you more productive and happier. 



Please do not make any decisions on an impulse!


You may have a chance to open a new chapter in life with a new person. This is going to be a very solid and stable chapter.  If you were disappointed by a relationship that wasn’t good for you, do not worry, you can start again with your potential match. You are very magnetizing to those around you... It can be someone from a different geographical location, but it is okay, you don’t need to hesitate as things will work out. Too much hesitation can bring a missed opportunity.


A good month for this to happen is August, September, and October 2017.


Don’t be hard on yourself!  Stop analyzing and start recognizing instead. 



Those Leo’s with children, the planets allow your kids to overcome challenges especially in school, and they will be more focused and serious.  2017 is a GOOD year for Leo’s. Yes, we have challenges, but we have some nice things to look forward to and achieve.


This year is MUCH better than 2016!


Sending you love and blessings, and wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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