The seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, the cardinal Libra is a peaceful soul, a fair judge, and a gracious host.  Those born under the Libra sign will avoid confrontations, but will carry a grudge.  Libras enjoy to be surrounded and enriched by music, art, fashion, architecture, gardens, and all things beautiful.  Ruled by Venus, most Libras are extremely romantic, charming, intelligent, and very peaceful people.  These representatives of air signs are also strong, determined, sometimes indecisive and pleasure-seeking individuals with a complete intolerance for chaos and mess. Libras are often perfectionists.


Opal is your birthstone.  Venus is your planet.  Air is your element. 


The Perfect Gifts Librans often self-indulge and have a taste for the finer things in life.  Libra men appreciate all that is beautiful, and we suggest the decadent Astronomer Black watch as a perfect gift for him.  The amiable, sharp, Libra woman finds solutions to problems that arise along the way with certain ease.  She wants to be glamorous, yet practical.  Hence, we suggest the striking Globe Earrings from the Lace Collection.


Overview 2019 is an interesting year for you, dear Libra.  It is filled with challenges, changes, and opportunities to prosper.  No matter what comes your way, practice self-care, don’t forget to nourish your mind and body, and certainly try not to overload your “to-do-list”.  New friends or partnerships may lead to new opportunities.  Your positive thinking and confidence level is strong this year, so use it to your advantage! Family and friends will be supportive for the most part, but at the same time will need your time and may test your limits through out the year.  Some stress related to your children might trouble you, but rest assured – you will have the strength and wisdom to handle it all.


Career This is a positive financial year for you, dear Libra.  Take concrete steps to build a nest egg, think about retirement planning, and pay off your debt.  2019 is a career building stage, and a future planning time. It’s vital that you get your home and personal life in order so that you can move forward with other demands feeling rooted and secure.  If a new home or a new car is in the plans, try to be frugal and avoid overspending.


Relationships This year, follow your heart dear Libra!   Those who are in long-term relationships, will enjoy moments of stability, harmony, and compassion.  If you are single, you will have the confidence and opportunity to flirt, meet new people, and experience a brand new passionate, romantic relationship. 


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